Case Study: Product Education

Training Use Case: Product Rollout Education

Product Education is the Keystone for Sales Success

There is no initiative where your learning and development programs are more strategic than product education and sales enablement. Ensuring that your sales channels – field reps, inside sales and external partners – are well trained on the value proposition, features and benefits and competitive differentiation of your products and services.

The next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) from the award-winning HireRoad, HR Learn drives organizational performance via a simply beautiful learning experience for learners, their managers and learning administrators – from the classroom to the desktop to the smartphone.

Naturally Mobile

The value of knowledge is based on the context in which it gets applied. Smartphones, tablets, WiFi and cellular networks have enabled knowledge to be accessible exactly when and where it’s needed. Giving your reps the latest, greatest product information at their fingertips right before they head into a sales call is priceless – and could mean the difference between a close and a pass. HR Learn was designed with this in mind. The system provides all roles with an app-free, mobile-responsive user experience that naturally extends the reach of your product education programs.


Intelligently Automated

Sales organizations have grown accustomed to their work activities becoming more and more automated. Cloud-based customer relationship management, sales force automation and marketing automation systems keep your sales teams spending more time selling and less time doing. Automation rules for learner cohort creation; course and course path assignment; deadline reminders; progress notifications and scheduled reporting let HR Learn handle (and scale) the mundane activities, letting your reps, sales managers and system administrators focus on what matters most.


Simply Beautiful

Ever met a patient sales rep? We haven’t. Typical sale professionals are constantly on the go, courting new prospects, keeping current customers satisfied and ensuring that their organization’s growth engine keeps humming along steadily. They don’t have the time to fight with poor user experiences and lackluster software interfaces to get the deal done. HR Learn uses a contemporary interface design to ensure that your audience has a learning experience on par with their favorite apps – professional or personal.


Customer Example: Delivering Effective New Product Training Across a Global Dealer Network

A global marketplace leader in power products including portable, residential, commercial, industrial generators and power washers needed a way to deliver new product training to a global learning audience. The Company staffs 2,000 employees, plus maintains a network of 5,000+ external business partners – including dealership staff, distributors and other business stakeholders.


The Challenge | The Solution

The primary product education challenge was quickly reaching a large and geographically dispersed distribution network with new product information and sales training while ensuring successful knowledge transfer. The training curriculum typically included overviews of new product features and benefits, installation, and compliance.

The Company needed to be quick to market with product training for a global audience, and classroom-based training was not a practical option. Conference calls or web meetings were also considered as delivery options, but both lacked the progress tracking and assessment features critical to ensuring effective knowledge transfer.

E-learning courseware managed by and accessed via an LMS could provide the Company with global reach in a short period of time in the most cost-effective manner. Moreover, all printed training manuals and job aids were also made available as digital downloads from the LMS.


The Benefits

  • Product knowledge, sales training and marketing tactics were now available to dealers worldwide, 24/7, when and where they needed it the most
  • Dramatic reduction in program delivery costs due to elimination of product trainer travel and expenses; and printing and shipping of training manuals and job aids
  • Real-time reporting and tracking of key metrics enable the Company to better identify centers of excellence (and areas which needed improvement) within its product education curriculum and its distributor network
  • Single point of access via the LMS for all product training courses and supporting materials increased training utilization and the successful retention and application of product knowledge, positively impacting all product P&Ls

Key HR Learn LMS Features

  • Mobile-responsive user experience, accessible via any Internet-connected device without dedicated app download and updating
  • Online registration and enrollment automation
  • End-to-end management of both e-learning courses and classroom-based training events
  • Customized, printable online certificate delivery upon training completion
  • Performance tracking, reporting and automated report distribution across the enterprise
  • Contemporary, intuitive user interfaces for rapid adoption and decreased time-to-utilization