Diversity Dashboard: HireRoad’s Top HR Dashboards

The Diversity Dashboard

It’s taken far too long but Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are becoming more an area of focus for organizations. Many companies raised their game tracking DEI last year, but as we look forward, companies are starting to look for more visibility and insight.

This translates to organizations looking at their people programs more proactively and strategically through a DEI lens.

The Diversity Dashboard is a great start. It provides leaders with an overview of the current status of the organization – drillable into any segment or cohort you can imagine – and the progress of their DEI programs and initiatives.

HR and senior leaders are using this dashboard as both a catalyst and gauge for progression and change.

The diversity dashboard can answer questions such as;

  • Are we attracting and hiring diverse talent?
  • Are our compensation and promotion practices equitable?
  • Are we developing and providing opportunities equitably?
  • Are we retaining our under represented talent?
  • Are we prepared for the future with diverse talent? (Succession Planning)
  • Are we building an inclusive culture? How, who benefits, and how effective are we at this?

In order to answer questions about diversity, an organization must go beyond the basics of DEI analytics. To do this, a dashboard must have the analytics and metrics that combine demographic data with performance, learning, and compensation data. It may involve combining all of this with survey data, interviews, and/or program outcomes. It may also involve a deep dive into hiring and recruitment data alongside turnover to uncover biases or gaps in the process.

With the sample dashboard above, you’ll see the ability to connect recruitment, hiring, retention, and turnover data to demographics that helped one customer identify a gap (high turnover among females in a given position) and introduce targeted actions to mitigate this across the areas of recruitment, hiring and retention.

Actionable diversity analytics involves dashboards that combine data from different sources and systems. The diversity dashboard is a starting point for HR leaders to understand where they are at today and where they’d like to be.

To learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion analytics and going beyond the basics, check out this page below.

See how Mattamy Homes, a HireRoad customer, is using their diversity dashboard to create positive change.

“Within HireRoad, we were able to drill down into key metrics and look at promotion and attraction rates of males vs. females and identify a turnover issue among millennial, high-performing females. Armed with this insight we were able to demonstrate our need for the “WiN at Mattamy” program.”

– Kerri Smiley, SVP Human Resources, Mattamy Homes

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