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Request your demo today of the end-to-end talent acquisition and workforce analytics platform that will help you build a better organization faster and smarter: HireRoad.

Built by industry experts, our powerful workforce analytics software can inform an increasingly strategic HR function and help you drive better business outcomes. All while unburdening staff from tedious tasks and creating a single source of truth for your workforce data – regardless of how many systems your HR data is stored in. You don’t have to do it alone either. Our experts can help guide you on your people analytics journey and help inform and evolve your dashboards and reporting infrastructure to align with what’s most important to your evolving strategy and need.

Have Talent Acquisition needs? HireRoad also offers a world-class talent acquisition platform focused on candidate and employee experience, time to impact for new employees, and insights that empower HR teams as the strategic business partners they are.

Request your demo today to see how HireRoad can best support you with your strategic HR priorities. Just a few examples of what we can help with:


Make faster, smarter and better hiring decisions
Turn insights into a competitive advantage
Onboard and delight your new employees
Recruit, hire, train and accelerate talent from a single platform
Unburden your HR and Recruiting teams through automation
Ensure security & scalability

“The whole process is a lot quicker, administration has been reduced, we’re able to respond to candidates quicker and their whole experience of the recruitment process is more positive.“
Kelly Stokes, HR Director, Aldi Stores

“I wanted to overcome the challenges of bringing together our talent data manually for reporting. I needed a solution that would bring the data to life and provide the breadth and depth of visibility required to drive timely and effective talent decisions. HR Insights (formerly PeopleInsight) provides us important visibility into our data that drives timely and effective talent decisions.
Erin Dunstan, Senior Director Talent Management, SYSMEX

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