The intuitive LMS

Learning drives your organization. When new people join, ensure they know all they need to hit the ground running in their new role. And existing employees sometimes need a refresher to learn new skills. 

 HR Learn simplifies eLearning and eTraining with everything you need to deliver high-quality, engaging programs. Our Learning Management System was developed by eLearning experts, not just software developers. So its core functionality is rooted in what you—and your learners—need most.

This LMS has all the features and adaptability to accommodate our unique needs as if it were designed for our company. It’s easy to add new users…and assign courses.

Jeremy H., Human Resources, Financial Services Company


Client Case Study: Generac

Fortune 1000 backup power generation products manufacturer streamlines global training program. Both compliance and product training scale with our LMS.

Any type of learning anytime, anywhere

Meet learners where they are: online via a learning portal or via meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Zoom. Offer instruction with hybrid, in-person, microlearning, remote learning, or instructor-led training. And enable employees to learn from their computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Learning that engages

With social learning capabilities and multi-media learning content, your employees stay engaged in their learning. They can even be placed into automated, strategic learning paths based on their learning needs, roles, or other criteria.

Learning that flexes to your needs

HireRoad offers custom content development, third-party authoring tools so you can develop your own, and plug-and-play content libraries so your compliance training is automated as part of each candidates onboarding journey. Everything you need for your learning program is available from one trusted source. From pre-hire to thriving.

Integrate with key systems and rich, robust tools


As powerful as they are on their own, learning initiatives are even more impactful when integrated into your core business systems. Compliance training and learning programs are a key driver of your business’ needs and your organization’s learning system should be connected and tracked. Seamlessly integrate with your HCM, other HireRoad software, or 3000+ other business tools.