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Power your business with better people data

Better decisions start with better data. Get clear, timely insights with our industry-leading people analytics. No more scouring spreadsheets and crunching numbers — we streamline your reporting so you can focus on results.

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The scalable approach to HR management

We help you de-silo your data and drive results across every HR function, from DEI to retention. With clearer data in hand, your team can make smarter decisions — faster.

Optimize Talent Acquisition

Up-level your candidate experience with clear pipeline data. Remove the bottlenecks, identify top applicants, and make an offer faster.

Improve Quality of Hire

Identify which recruiting programs are driving quality hires. Drill down into first-year outcome data, from hiring manager surveys to turnover metrics.

Reduce Turnover

Cut employee churn rates with pinpoint insights on what is truly driving attrition. Data in hand, you can develop proactive retention strategies.

Monitor Headcount

Get a complete picture of headcount across departments. Connect the dots between hiring volume, attrition rates, and internal movement.

Retain Top Talent

Demystify employee retention. See what’s truly working, with comprehensive metrics on compensation, engagement, development, and more.

Achieve DEI Goals

Deliver a genuine impact with your DEI programs. Measure your progress against key initiatives and loop in stakeholders for total visibility.


Stay competitive. Measure your compensation rates against industry benchmarks, and keep tabs on key focus areas, like strategic growth and top performers.

Succession Planning

Prep for a pain-free succession to keep business running smoothly. Identify potential role gaps sooner, and adjust your employee development plans accordingly.

Technology Advantage

Unify your siloed data. Get a digestible, up-to-date picture of every HR function — all in one place.

Data Integration

Data Transformation & Model

Visualization & Customization

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