eLearning software that adapts with your needs

Equip employees with the skills and knowledge needed for them to thrive.

Automate enrollments in training programs so new employees have what they need to get started. Manage digital certification processes. And empower all employees with ongoing learning and development. 

We can help.

Streamline training

Whether training new sales executives on your products or ensuring your customer service representatives have everything they need to succeed, corporate training is a key part of a new hire’s success. 

Keep HR, hiring managers, and new employees on the same page with HR Learn:

  • Ensure new employees understand your brand, products, and services
  • Individualize learning plans based on needs, roles, experience, or all of the above
  • Complete and ensure proper documentation of needed compliance training
  • Manage digital certifications 
  • Automate training so employees are ready to go

We were looking to upload thousands of users from over 100 locations with various levels of matrix organizational structure. This was that solution.

Chris Thomas, Manager of Training at UNO Restaurants


A Modern Guide to Corporate Training

Employees crave opportunities to grow more than anything. Providing those opportunities benefits everyone in the organization.