Recruiting software
that adapts as needed

Agility and speed are key factors for successful recruiting.

This is especially true as labor markets continue to shift, driving turnover, growth, and changed expectations for candidates and employers.

We can help with each of these needs.

High volume recruiting

When you need lots of people and you need them quickly, intuitive-to-use software that streamlines steps for recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates is essential. With HireRoad solutions you can:

  • Scale to attract and manage large numbers of applicants
  • Create a journey that reflects your business ethos and brand
  • Communicate quickly, and consistently, with as few or as many candidates as you need
  • Automate time-consuming steps with self-scheduled interview and video screening
  • Complete new hire paperwork digitally 
  • Automate training so employees are ready to go

Automate hiring processes with the ATS that configures to your needs and recruitment workflow, and adjusts as needs do.


The team hit the required recruitment numbers two weeks early for the first time! HR Recruit has reduced our administrative burden by as much as 75%.

Julie Redfern, Head of HR, HB Leisure

High growth recruiting


Every organization has unique workflows and needs at different times in their lifecycle. For companies experiencing high- or even hyper-growth, you need a scalable system with flexible workflows.

Meet HireRoad. End to end recruitment software that automates your process from requisitions through onboarding. Or, put another way, from -5 to 180 days of the new hire journey.

  • Automatically post campaigns to career sites
  • Integrate to job boards and social media channels
  • Create your own talent pool for future roles, because you need the right people to fuel your growth