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Your Greenhouse Reporting

Greenhouse is an exceptional ATS system. It is a robust transactional talent system that provides deep and granular visibility into your candidate data. It has over 400 pre-built integrations, making it one of the most versatile and powerful systems talent leaders can choose.

While Greenhouse provides much of what talent leaders need, one area where you likely need help is in reporting. This is because, like
all ATS’, Greenhouse delivers built-in reporting which have major limitations when it comes to accessing and analyzing requisition, candidate and recruitment activity data.

In recruiting, where things move fast and furious, you need a reporting capability that enables you to quickly and easily analyze trends,
look at things from multiple dimensions, sliceand-dice your data, and present your data in a visually appealing way. You also want access to the data to understand, track and improve TA performance.

It’s difficult (if not impossible) to get to this level of sophistication with greenhouse reporting, so you need to dump the data into spreadsheets and work from there. The result is manual and time consuming efforts to produce reports.

Do any of these scenarios ring true for you?

  1. We have a tough time pulling data together and creating reports out of Greenhouse
  2. The reports we do get out of Greenhouse are basic and do not meet all of our needs.
  3. We’re spending too much dumping Greenhouse data into spreadsheets to build reports.
  4. As a growing business, our reporting needs include tracking against recruitment goals and objectives and we’re challenged to do this in Greenhouse.

If any of these scenarios resonate with you, we recommend downloading our whitepaper below and see how you can make people analytics easy, when you’re using Greenhouse reporting.

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