Why Blended Learning?

Piece together a variety of training methods for a more efficient and effective training program.

How many times have you read or heard the statement, eLearning is the most efficient way to train your employees? It’s not entirely false – yes, eLearning is a VERY efficient way to train or teach a new behavior, skill, or concept, but claiming it’s the MOST efficient way to train might be a bit of stretch. The fact is eLearning is just a method of instruction and, despite its increasing utilization over the last decade, you would be hindering yourself and your organization to ONLY deliver your training program in an eLearning format. eLearning is a very efficient way to deliver a variety of training programs, but it is just one of the components in a modern corporate training environment.

The conventional methods of teaching and training are still extremely viable options – instructor-led-training (ILT) within a classroom setting can often be more effective than eLearning for teaching certain types of material. One-on-one demonstrations, “job-shadowing” or on-the-job training (OJT), are even more personal, face-to-face methods for teaching a new skill and ensuring knowledge retention. Depending on the material, these teaching methods may still be the best approach for delivery. Specific workplace skills are often learned more easily with a direct demonstration from a supervisor.

A truly effective training program will successfully blend elements of all of these teaching methods. The name blended learning is used to describe a program that combines eLearning with classroom/instructor-led training and other face-to-face methods of instruction. A blended learning approach offers the efficiency of eLearning with the effectiveness of in-person training. People learn from interactions with their peers in addition to virtual instruction.

A handful of next-generation learning management systems like the Learn by HireRoad Learning Management System (LMS) are savvy to this widespread utilization of a blended learning approach to training. These LMSs are specifically designed to give organizational managers and system administrators the tools to not only track eLearning, but also ILT, OJT, web conferencing events, and other live events all within the same system. They provide a whole suite of reporting functions that are just as comprehensive (if not more) as the training program the system is delivering. They also facilitate a social learning environment where learners can interact with other learners – human beings are social by nature and learning in a collaborative and a supportive environment encourages knowledge retention.

Our team here at HireRoad designed our LMS to bridge the gap between modern eLearning functions and more traditional in person training – take advantage of a multi-faceted, blended learning approach to your organization’s training programs. The end result is a workforce of happy, well-trained employees who stay with, and grow with your company.

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