Webinar: Is Your DEI Programming Moving the Needle?

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Is your DEI programming effective? Are your DEI initiatives truly making a difference? Watch as Jennifer Hanniman, People Analytics expert and Director of Customer Success for HireRoad, take you on a deep dive into the field of People Analytics with special focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) metrics. In the webinar, she explores the most common DEI data-related questions raised by the organizations we work with. She delves into specific metrics, showcasing how diversity data can be aggregated and unified. Jennifer will also provide rich context for a better understanding of how analytics can shape impactful, meaningful DEI programs, and how you can accurately measure success. Drawing from our extensive experience working with thousands of HR teams and organizations across industries, Jennifer will share some of the specific analytics you can use to answer DEI questions, as well as insights we’ve obtained to help you refine your DEI programming strategy. Fill out the form below to find out if your DEI initiatives are truly making a difference.

Some of the questions we hear from organisations and will explore: 

  • Are we attracting and hiring diverse talent?
  • Are our compensation and promotion practices equitable?
  • Are we developing and providing opportunities equitably?
  • Are we retaining our underrepresented talent?
  • Are we building an inclusive culture? How, who benefits, and how effective are we at this?
  • Are the programs we have put in place making an impact on the organization?

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