Hire for fit – Use mission, vision and values to attract the right candidates

For any business, the benefits of adopting a Values-Based Recruitment strategy for your Recruitment Marketing are critical to attracting great talent that’s the best fit.

In a nutshell, Values-Based Recruitment is making sure you promote all your company’s mission, values, people, and diversity & inclusion and Employee Value Proposition (EVP) across all touchpoints across the recruitment journey, with the best outcome of hiring talent that has the same values. The need for making your company appealing to new hires is key but just as important is the need to make sure they are a cultural fit too.

Why Are Values Important In The Recruitment Process?

When you prioritise and promote certain values throughout your recruitment marketing process you are more likely to hire a candidate who truly fits your companies culture and ethos. By focusing on those values throughout your business’s daily life, everyone in the business will be working towards the same principles, aspirations, and goals.

How Can An ATS Help Deliver a Solid Values-Based Recruitment Process 

An advanced Applicant Tracking System helps weave your visions and values into the candidate journey, with tools that enable recruiters to build their own candidate journies, based on the role, seniority, etc.

Firstly, you need to understand what your desired outcomes are for that journey. Fundamentally, all recruiters want to drive as much direct traffic to their careers site and get a high conversion of visitors actually applying for roles or registering their interest. Second, once a candidate starts on their journey, you need to make sure you get as few drop-offs as possible. However, if the candidates don’t share your values and ethos, what’s the point?

Here are just some ways in which organisations can bring their values-based recruitment to life to achieve positive outcomes (and more candidates)!

  • Dedicated Careers Site: this is the most important asset for any recruiter. It’s the place to really promote your business and make talent want to work for you. Shout about how great it is working for you, showcase your great people, your values, culture, diversity and inclusion, sustainability – all underpinned by your EVP. You should also consider the ease for candidates to view and search for jobs (current and future register your interest) and more importantly, the application process. And don’t forget your job adverts – bring them to life!
  • Killer Questions: If you have a very particular skill, qualification, or experience, turn these into killer questions at the very start of the application process. It will help you determine the candidates whose experience or skills fit the role. It’s an added bonus that you can build your own killer questions, at no extra cost with the best ATS’ (like Vacancy Filler).
  • Application Forms: Make them branded, keep your company looks, feel, and tone. Embed images of your people, company video, or employee perks, repeating your values is a great thing!

  • Assessments: Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) are a great way to establish if your candidates share similar work ethics to your company. By building multiple-choice questions based on workplace scenarios, you can understand how good a fit that candidate will be in the team and company as a whole.
  • Communications: Make sure every email or SMS you send to your candidates is branded. Again, add rich media content such as a company or day in the life video to really get your culture across. Every communication should, as much as possible drive your culture and values.

Want to know more about how HireRoad can help?

Everything is possible with our ATS. From Careers Site design to hire, our platform has all the tools to enable you to bring your talent attraction to life with our great Recruitment Marketing solution. Why not get in touch with us to see it in action?