Compliance training is critical for so many industries and job roles. In fact, it’s so critical that it’s the difference between operating legally or illegal. Simple as. And businesses are having to deliver more and more of it, in order to stay on the right side of continuously evolving rules and regulations.

As international lawyers Allen & Overy explain, “Against an increased level of regulatory scrutiny and ethical expectations, and given the financial and reputational damage that results from corporate scandals, compliance has moved up the corporate boardroom agenda.”

But there’s just one small catch… Keeping your compliance training information up-to-date can be tedious at best. Or, it can be grisly at worst, if all your records about who’s done what, who needs to do what, and when they need to do it, are all over the place.

It’s a challenge that hasn’t gone unnoticed by compliance resource site Planet Compliance. They warn, “Strategies for staying regulatory current must not only be modern but effective. Honing in on what is relevant for your company, as overwhelm can quickly become a problem, but equally pertinent changes slipping the net can lead to devastating breaches.”

On a positive note, they don’t dwell on the problem. Instead, they address the solution. “Compliance management software might be one of the most productive tools for regulatory management ever conceived,” they conclude. “They streamline, centralize, and automate all compliances related processes.”

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how a superlative LMS (learning management system) makes light work of ensuring that compliance doesn’t become a crisis.

Automating enrollment for compliance training

Having your employee compliance training records kept with different managers in different systems is a gamble. As a result, it’s much more difficult to manage compliance with the rigor it demands.
But an excellent LMS eases the pain instantly and acutely, enabling you to leverage genius inbuilt features for:
  • Automating Records – No more urgent emails to line managers who you suspect might have fallen behind with their own training and also their team’s training. And no more panicked scrabbling around for information that’s stored in a number of different folders or systems, (though you’re not exactly sure). Bringing everything together under one integrated and AI-driven roof is game-changing. But it’s just the beginning.
  • Automatic Compliance Training Scheduling – A brilliant LMS automatically schedules compliance training. So, when training is due, the right managers and employees receive automated notifications at the right time. It’s a simple but invaluable feature, eradicating the risk of unintentional non-compliant due to human error and missed deadlines.

Keeping failproof tabs on progress

Getting the right people on the right courses at the right time, stress-free, it is a monumental step in the right direction. But what happens next?
How does everybody that’s needs to know – for example, HR managers, line managers, project managers and supervisors – stay appraised, in real time, about what’s happening with employee’s training?
With an outstanding LMS that’s smartly integrated, you won’t even break a sweat. It tells you everything you need to know at the tap of a key, including:
  • Tracking Completion and Results – Tracking a simple matter of pre-programming your access settings, enabling the relevant personnel to access the progress of employees going through compliance training. Once done, it literally takes a second for authorized personnel to check that employees are properly assessed, where they’re up to, when they need to complete by, and how they score.
  • Awarding and Certification Storage – In addition to effortless tracking, a first-rate LMS can automatically notify the people in your ‘need to know’ category when employees finish their training. Assuming they’ve made the grade, certifications are automatically stored with an employee’s records. This keeps the old issue of scattered documentation at bay once and for all.

Delivering leading-edge compliance training with optimum flexibility

The beauty of an A-list LMS is that you’re empowered to deliver compliance training your way. But your way, and the way your employees, can be two completely different things.  
Yet surprisingly, a premier LMS has the stars aligned.
It equips you for:
  • Implementing Off the Shelf or In-House Training Content – You can peruse, pick and mix from 3,000+ off the shelf compliance training (and many other) courses, that come as standard. Or, your can craft and upload your own in-house assessments, PowerPoints and videos, using an inspiring range of content creation tools. The choice is yours.

And it equips employees to:

  • Undergo Training on Their Terms – LMS software is cloud-based. So, your employees have the luxury of accessing their training on any device, at time that best suits their schedules, from any place with an internet connection. This level of flexibility brings with it the added bonuses of:
    • Better Engagement – Allowing to align their training with their schedules is a surefire way to boost engagement. They’ll be more willing to throw their energy in to it, rather than feeling obliged to attend a pre-designated course that exacerbates their existing workload.
    • Improved Pass Rates and Scores – Better employee engagement results in a greater volume of first-time pass rates and also higher overall scores.

At HireRoad, our stellar LMS is expertly designed to help you deliver compliance training seamlessly, effortlessly and on-schedule. It can even boost your onboarding process, too. With pre-start training modules, you can get new hires up to speed with you compliance requisites before they’ve even officially joined your organization.

Is compliance in danger of becoming a crisis in your business? Then get in touch, because we’re here to help.