Attract and engage employees with modern methods

Hire for Fit: Public Sector


Balancing public expectations with stretched resources and unique data security and compliance requirements doesn’t have to mean archaic, complicated software. We can help. 

Attract, recruit, hire, onboard, and train new employees with powerful, scalable software aligned to your unique needs.

How our solutions benefit public sector agencies and organizations:

Attract, recruit, and retain for complex and diverse needs

The skills needed for the public sector are complex and diverse. Attracting and retaining people can be challenging, especially at the high volumes needed to run large agencies. With HireRoad, you can hire and train for fit. All while maintaining critical compliance and security requirements. 

Tailor applications based on roles

Adapt questions and application forms on a role-by-role basis to speed the process. Assess and score candidates with evaluation tools that adapt to your unique workflow.

HireRoad is a trusted resource for some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations.

Reach candidates where they are

Source passionate, driven candidates from job postings, to standardized question forms and SMS alerts, build a responsive and compelling journey that gives prospective employees a sense of your culture and values. No matter where in the world your HR teams are. All with an integrated, safe system.

Onboard and educate quickly and effectively

Seamlessly onboard new employees and ramp them faster with diverse training that engages and educates. Access to 100,000+ courses ensures you meet the training needs of a diverse workforce. And automatically assign learning pathways based on roles and responsibilities, and encourage collaboration with social learning.

Centralize learning resources and records

Managing version control and access to training materials is easy with a centralized learning platform. Learn by HireRoad ensures your employees have access to the most current resources.

And you can simply automate course management across your organization and employees, so the right people have the right training at the right time. And you have an audit trail and records centralized for regulatory requirement compliance.

We’ve gone from a cumbersome, time-consuming system of trying to locate candidates with difficult-to-find technical skills to a robust talent register that succeeded in bringing in high-quality applications beyond our expectations.

Dorcas Ho, Sr. Recruitment Manager, Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology


Can I provide training in multiple languages?

Yes! Learn by HireRoad may be localized for up to 14 languages, across the user interface, system notifications, and system data.

How can I manage compliance reporting and training certifications?

With Learn by HireRoad, customizable certificates may be automatically awarded and delivered to learners when they complete the associated course or learning path. This completion information is securely stored in the system for compliance reporting and management.

Can I automate recertification or certification renewals?

Yes! Automating certification renewals is simple with Learn by HireRoad.