The current jostle to attract and retain talent is incessant. It’s no wonder that businesses are continuing to harness ongoing learning and development to extend employee engagement beyond initial onboarding. But, some of the ways and means of managing and delivering learning and development are more convincing than others.  

To this end, LMS training is one of the most authoritative ways of deploying well thought out learning and development. In fact, high quality LMS training is –

  • Your hidden advantage for working smarter rather than harder
  • Your secret weapon for ensuring that employees stay as engaged as when they were avid candidates

Think about it logically. A superlative ATS is your support mechanism for delivering a flawless candidate journey, throwing in boosted competitive edge as an added bonus.

Next up is onboarding. Once you’ve found your ideal candidate, you throw all your time and energy in to making them feel like part of the furniture before they’ve even signed in on day one.

But what next? Truthfully, impressive recruitment and onboarding processes aren’t enough to keep your employees indefinitely sticky if you struggle to deliver on learning and development promises. It’s not a position you want to be in, especially considering that any such promises might have contributed to making your business so attractive in the first place.  

Here’s how stand-out LMS training hits the mark in multiple different ways.

LMS Training Stands Together Not Alone

Booking employees on an occasional training course that pops up in your LinkedIn feed is better than nothing at all. It might inspire them immediately and in the short term. But it might not be enough to have any longer-term impact.

With brilliant LMS training, it’s “so long” to well-meant but ineffective gestures. And “hello” to well thought out, tailored and targeted learning paths that pair –

  • the individual needs of your employees
  • your business objectives

Integrating LMS training with your other key systems, such as your ATS and a HCM or HRIS, makes a transcendent difference to the way learning and development serves your business and your people.

How? Because data that’s integrated and distributed amongst your entire tech stack gives you a panoramic view of the bigger picture. This enables you to plan, deploy and track –

  • Generic and Role-Specific Onboarding Training – Training modules around fundamental areas like brand information and product or service training can be shared with new hires. And even better that they can complete their basic training online, at their leisure, before they’re even officially in post with you.
  • Unique Learning and Development Paths – Imagine person-specific, job-specific, team-specific, and overall business-specific data in one single place, with everything ‘talking’ to each other. This is exactly what happened when an LMS is integrated. It’s plain sailing to identify gaps and design individual learning paths that simultaneously serve the needs of employees in line with your evolving business objectives. You can choose from literally thousands of ‘off the shelf’ accredited courses that come as standard with an outstanding LMS training Additionally, there are compelling features for creating your own bespoke training content.
  • Compliance Peace of Mind – No more knee jerk reactions when you realize that someone’s current certification expires in a couple of weeks’ time and you need to register them for renewal, like, yesterday! LMS training provides the speediest and most efficient means of ensuring every employee is up to date with their certifications, at the push of a button.
  • Contemporary Training that’s Accessible to All – Gone are the days of frantically trying to negotiate dates when the majority of employees are available to attend a course. It’s no longer a consideration if some employees are too busy to attend at a pre-specified date and time, on vacation, or off sick. Modern and flexible online self-service training can be takes any time, in any place, so long as they’ve got a device and a signal. (LMS training isn’t purely a remote phenomenon though. So, you can integrate in-person and hybrid event details, too, if that’s the way you prefer training to be delivered to your employees.)

Surprisingly, many recruitment teams are still racing to catch up in terms of retention, despite getting more and more savvy with candidate attraction, recruitment and onboarding. But, think about it as two equally important halves of talent acquisition whole. One half naturally intertwines and morphs with the other.

It’s exactly the same with the systems you use for both halves.

LMS Training is a No-Brainer Extension of an Exemplary Candidate Journey

In short, a first-rate LMS is to learning and development what a consummate ATS is to recruitment. They both –

  • Save You Money and Time – Just think about the multiple touchpoints that generate admin along the journey from candidate, to new hire to fully fledged employee. The leading-edge automation that an ATS and an LMS puts at your fingertips saves an almost immeasurable amount of time. In addition, there are real time cost savings to be made. For example, an ATS generates analytics around job boards and recruitment agencies, informing and ultimately reducing your advertising spend. Whereas an LMS eradicates unnecessary training spend on isolated third-party courses and events that don’t make any lasting impact on your employees or your business. 
  • Eliminate Effort and Stress – Amazing systems aren’t useful if you can’t use them to optimum advantage. The best ATS and LMS on the market are purpose-designed with maximum user friendliness at heart, eliminating the need for too many manual interventions… and frayed tempers.
  • Provide Ultimate Value – You get the single definitive overview of every job vacancy and/or the learning path of every employee. It’s an enviable position you can’t even dream of being in if you still work with manual, non-aligned systems and isolated programs.
  • Level Up Access to Information – An ATS or an LMS provides a single, cohesive home for every piece of information. So, non-alignment becomes non-existent. There’s no such thing as having to search between different systems to find information, because everything is exactly where it should be. In addition, you control who sees what. So, it keeps you on the right side of data protection, too.

 At HireRoad, our ATS – Recruit by HireRoad – and our LMS – Learn by HireRoad – are market leading examples of how talent acquisition software is such a powerful force, for recruiting the best talent, and also for keeping and nurturing it.

So, if you’re ready to supercharge recruitment, learning and development, or both, we should talk. Get in touch today with your questions. We’ll go one better than answering them. We’ll show you what success looks like, during a complimentary demonstration.