Digital integration has transformed the hiring and Right to Work (RTW) practices


Digital technology in the workplace is transforming the way we work and communicate, both internally and externally. But while digital tools bring many positive benefits, these disparate systems can also cause confusion and drive processes that are dis-jointed.

“Having a single interface for all your candidate onboarding activities is vital for streamlining processes and improving your team’s productivity” Comments Richard Thomas, Sales Director, HireRoad.  He continues “Switching between apps or having five apps open at once on your web browser is a constant grind for us all. Having an integrated HR system allows you to enable single sign-on – which is better for security, especially as many of us are now working remotely.”

There are many great examples of integrations designed to make the lives of HR teams easier. One such is TrustID’s integration of RtW checks within Application Tracking Systems. We recently invested in an enhanced API which makes integration even quicker. Development teams such as those at ATS providers can now integrate our identity document verification and RTW services into their platforms even more quickly and easily using our API and ‘onboarding widget’, This integration then helps onboarding teams to manage and track candidate applications and complete compliance checks in just one place and gives candidates a smooth and positive experience.

Here at HireRoad, we understand that for many HR and Onboarding teams the need for digital technology that enhances and supports the job seekers’ journey to employment and their own processes, such as security and compliance is an important part of their daily requirements.

Managing the many facets of employing someone can mean lots of different checks on a person including DBS and Right To Work (RTW).

Having an ATS such as the Applicant Tracking System from HireRoad can really help all Recruiters to get on top of the different requirements for employment law and internal practices of each business. But most importantly an ATS can help to streamline the whole process giving you more time and energy for other commitments.

Making the right impression with each business and candidate is of inherent importance to any employer and reduces confusion and negative that can be caused by poor recruitment processes.

Our ATS features a range of up to date digital technology practices;

  • A single interface that can be branded and tailored for all of your onboarding needs.
  • Improve productivity by saving your recruitment team time through an easy to use ATS system
  • Integration brings with it single sign-on, improving security and GDPR requirements with TrustID checks.
  • Easily track your applicants through every stage of their application and employment journey.

And an integrated HR system also allows you to enable single sign-on – which is better for security, especially as many of us are now working remotely.

Richard Thomas, HireRoad Sales Director has said “We were keen to integrate TrustID checks into our platform as part of the on-boarding hub which we offer to our customers. The API tools mean that our customers can capture document images and run a Right to Work check, without leaving the HireRoad system.”

So if your looking for an ATS that is a single source for all your recruitment marketing needs then why not book a demoOr call us now on 01509 236 434 for an initial informal chat with one of our product experts about your current challenges and goals for the future.

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