New legislation from 11 November 2021 for Care Homes will create a “No Jab, No Job” Application Process. We help combat this using Killer Questions.

With current staff shortages in the sector since Brexit and the recent Covid Pandemic, how do you now, as a Care Home Provider recruit new candidates who are required by law to be fully vaccinated, now it is no longer a personal choice?

“From 11 November 2021, anyone working or volunteering in a care home will need to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19), unless exempt.”

Depending on what recruitment and HR management system you use, you might have had to carry out the unenviable task of manually vetting existing staff and thinking about how you can do the same for your new hires.

But help is at hand. With Recruit by HireRoad, your job of recruiting is about to get easier, thanks to a simple yet powerful tool within the application process. Why not use our Killer Question to determine which candidates go through to the application process and which candidates you can politely decline from the outset.

What Are Killer Questions in ATS Recruitment?

Killer Questions – also referred to as Knockout Questions – act as your gatekeeper. They let suitable candidates apply or move through the hiring process. But they keep the door closed on candidates who lack a key requisite or are unable/unwilling to meet a non-negotiable – such as being fully vaccinated.

But what’s the best and most efficient way of doing this through an Applicant Tracking System? Here’s an example of how you can embed Killer Questions at the very outset of your Application Process – before a candidate applies. For example, these three questions will kindly reject or move forward, based on their answers.

We recommend these questions are at the very start of the candidate journey – from apply now!

Here’s an example for you:

Due to new Government legislation, anyone working or volunteering in a care home will need to be fully vaccinated against coronavirus (COVID-19), unless exempt. So please let us know, which answer best reflects your current status:

  1. Yes, I’ve been fully vaccinated 
    (Ticking this opens up the candidate to complete the Application Form or upload their CV)
  2. No, I’m not fully vaccinated
    (Ticking this triggers a message to say “We’re really sorry but due to new government legislation, all of our candidates are now required to be fully vaccinated, so, unfortunately, we cannot move your application forward. If you are planning on being fully vaccinated in the near future, please get back in touch”.
  3. No, I’m not fully vaccinated but I am medically exempt
    (This opens up the candidate to complete the Application Form or upload their CV and at the same time, upload a copy of a note to confirm that they are medically exempt).

At HireRoad, our platinum ATS recruitment software comes with the ability to create however many ‘first line of defence’ Killer Questions you want, without any additional cost implications.

It’s an attractive proposition when you’re faced with the double whammy of endemic skills shortages and a ‘no jabs no jobs’ clause that both existing and prospective team members are finding prohibitive.

Want to find out more about how we can help you provide a brilliant candidate journey and also save you time? Then why not arrange a Free Demo with us today?


Vaccination of people working or deployed in care homes: operational guidance, Department of Health and Social Care