Inspiring educators make all the difference

Hire for Fit: Education


Attract, hire, and grow inspiring educators and staff to work with your students with HireRoad. It’s software that helps you quickly find and onboard the best talent while keeping safety, inclusivity, and diversity at the forefront. 

Education talent is highly competitive, which is why you need a software solution that masterfully navigates the complexities of compliance requirements, background checks, and enables you to move quickly. So you can ensure students have what they need to learn and succeed.

How our solutions benefit education organizations:

Cultivate a talent pool

As the need for educators and education staff grows and competition for talent increases, employers must build a pool of potential employees. Simplify building and cultivating relationships with potential teachers, professors, instructors, and education staff members with HireRoad.

Improve education credentialing with candidate assessments

Tailor the application process on a role-by-role basis with configurable questions, scored questionnaires, application forms and more. Ensure your process is standardized and appropriate for your organization’s needs. 

Safeguard important data and ensure safety checks

Recruit by HireRoad automatically requests pre-employment checks and scans applications, resumes, and CVs for employment gaps.

And data storage is as safe and secure as it is simple.

The recruitment process here involved lots of admin and lots of paper. We receive over 2,000 applications each year for roughly 100 vacancies. This results in printing off more than 20,000 pages of applications per year and reducing this was key.

Mark O’Brien, HR Systems and Data Manager,

Cardiff and Vale College

Centralize learning resources and records

Managing version control and access to training materials is easy with a centralized learning platform. Learn by HireRoad ensures your employees have access to the most current resources.

And you can simply automate course management across your organization and employees, so the right people have the right training at the right time. And you have an audit trail and records centralized as needed.


Can we use the same recruiting platform to hire for locations in other countries?

Yes! We have been supporting companies, government agencies, and organizations including educational institutions with multinational recruiting software for decades. And because we too are a multinational organization, well understand the complexities and nuances of recruiting, onboarding, and training employees in various counties.

Can I automate learning with Learn by HireRoad?

Yes! Automating learning is one of the best ways to ensure that new and current staff stay up to date. With Learn by HireRoad, new hires can automatically be enrolled in the courses and training pertinent to their new role as part of a seamless onboarding experience. And existing employees can stay current and up-to-date.

Can I integrate HireRoad with my HRIS?

Yes! HireRoad software easily integrates with your HRIS as well as thousands of other business-critical applications.

Does Learn by HireRoad support different types of instruction?

Yes! Whether your learning and training needs call for on-the-job training, online learning (self-paced or synchronous), in-classroom learning or some combination of these, Learn by HireRoad supports it.