How Should an HR Business Partner Use Reporting and Analytics

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This infographic dives into the essential traits of being an effective HR Business Partner (HRBP) and provides valuable insights on utilizing workforce reporting and analytics to drive business outcomes. The article categorizes analytics projects into three areas:

  • Operational (doing things)
  • Strategic (helping things)
  • Analytical (fixing things)

It stresses the significance of aligning HR initiatives with business objectives and highlights the skills and competencies needed for HRBPs. The executive summary underscores the importance of HRBPs focusing on relevant data, honing their skills, adopting a capability mindset, and embracing a continuous Data-Driven HR approach. The infographic also emphasizes the value of operational, strategic, and analytical reporting and analytics in supporting HRBPs in their roles.

Download our infographic for a visually captivating overview of these key insights.

How should an HRBP use reporting and analytics infographic cover

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