Top 5 built-in features revolutionizing Applicant Tracking Systems

There’s an overwhelming range of tools of the recruitment marketing trade for you to choose from that make recruiting simple.

But, the best tools on the planet aren’t going to serve you as well as they should if they don’t talk to each other.

On the contrary, a lack of integration and alignment between your tools of the trade will create more work for you, trying to pull disparate strands of information and documentation together. Background Checks are a good example, a great recruitment software will have integration between DBS and RTW providers, so everything is sent/received and captured within the platform. 

ln, this blog though, we’re not talking integrations, we’re talking about tools/tech that you have to purchase or pay for that are not usually included within anApplicant Tracking Software, such as Video Screening, Multi-Posters, Screening Questions, and e-Signatures.

These five priceless pieces of functionality are what most recruiters use, however, the cost of using them if they are not inbuilt by your ATS provider, will have an impact on your recruiting budget. And we don’t want that! We hope to show you that Inbuilt is best, providing you with superior features minus any hidden charges you can incur when you sign up for various independent functionalities.

But it’s not all about saving money. Integrating with lots of third parties means that your candidate data is captured by many – instead of within the Applicant Tracking System, ensuring GDPR-compliance it’s impossible to guarantee when you’ve got data scattered across multiple platforms.  

With that in mind, what game-changing inbuilt features should you look for in an Applicant Tracking System?

Here’s our Top 5 Inbuilt ATS Features Raising The Bar Today.

  • Multi-Posting – When you use HireRoad’s Applicant Tracking System multi-posting is inbuilt. In fact, it can multi-post to over 70+ Job boards, meaning there are no additional cost implications for using an external multi-posting platform. It’s worth checking the multi-posting capabilities when you’re looking at Applicant Tracking Systems as not all of them include multi-posting as given. So, you maybe charged up to £5.00 per job ad if you sign up for an ATS that uses a third party multi-poster. 
  • Video Screening – Fast becoming a recruitment must-have, video screening is an efficient assessing tool that’s included with HireRoad. It’s GDPR-compliant as your data stays within the platform. It’s cost-effective as you could pay as much as £10 per recording from leading Video Screening providers and it’s free to use, whenever and how ever many times you like – there’s no limit (as well as we help support your candidates/users too).
  • Screening Questions – Do you need minimum criteria killer questions? Situational judgement tests? Recruit by HireRoad enables you to build your own Killer and Screening Questions without being charged.
  • e-Signatures – ‘Wet signatures’ remove copious amounts of admin time and effort for your candidates, their referees, and your recruitment marketing team. But the benefits of e-signatures go beyond admin efficiency. In addition to being time and money savers, e-signatures are legally compliant. At no cost and with unlimited use with HireRoad, you don’t have to use third-party providers.

So, there you have it. An insight into how Applicant Tracking System providers are raising the bar and building these features in-house – to save recruiters time and money!

We strongly believe that a top-drawer Applicant Tracking System like HireRoad eradicates your need to use unconnected tools. We strive on building the functionality you’d expect and more by us, in-house by our dev team (wizards). We do this to maintain control of our platform as much as we can – so we ‘own the code’ and the data isn’t stored or touched by lots of different systems.

At HireRoad, we’re on a mission to provide recruiters with every inbuilt feature they need to have the best possible experience every time there’s a vacancy to fill.