Digital signatures, an employer-candidate win-win

The pile of forms that new starters need to complete and autograph during the recruitment process doesn’t get any smaller. In fact, it gets bigger as employment legislation evolves. Thankfully, an increased volume of paperwork is more manageable for candidates when your processes are digitally streamlined. But, what about the humble but all-important signature? If you haven’t harnessed the benefits of signature technology yet, it’s likely your candidates are still printing, signing, scanning, and uploading application forms that need their signatures. It’s the same story at the other end of the recruitment process, with successful candidates needing to sign reams of paperwork before coming on board. Enter digital signatures. No more need for candidates (and Hiring Managers) to complete and sign new starter documentation on paper. You might have experienced how quick and super-efficient digital signatures are if you’ve added your own ‘wet signature’ to online forms in non-recruitment situations.

So, imagine the advantages of introducing digital signatures to your recruitment and onboarding processes? 

  • Compliant – Manual printing and storage of giant amounts of personally identifiable information runs a higher risk of data falling into the wrong hands. A cloud-based Applicant Tracking System satisfied your compliance needs, ensuring information is only accessible to pre-selected personnel.
  • Credible – A name and date typed onto a Word document might be negligible. But digital signatures are completely credible and recognised as legally binding in the UK since 2002. 
  • Economical – The removal of manual admin saves money on printing, ink, and also storage space if you’re still storing paperwork physically in filing cabinets.
  • Environmentally Friendly – The volume of paperwork needed across the recruitment process might not be negotiable. But, the amount of paper and printing involved is. It’s vastly reduced when you introduce digital signatures, making a big stride towards hitting your sustainability goals. 
  • Quick and Easy – Quick, slick, and simple for new starters to use, digital signatures are a tick in your employer branding box. In addition to looking sharp, digital signatures also help keep the onboarding process moving at pace. The ease and speed of providing digital signatures leave successful candidates with less opportunity for any second thoughts in the absence of hovering over the dotted line with a physical pen. 
  • Time-Saving – Less admin means more time you and your team can spend doing more useful things elsewhere.
Vacancy Filler’s leading  Applicant Tracking System comes with as many ‘wet signatures’ as you like throughout the recruitment process, not only in Offer Letters and Contracts but actually within the Application Form if you prefer! Candidates (and hiring managers) simply sign on their screen, rather than typing in their name and the date or going through an outdated manual printing, signing, and scanning process. Unlike other e-Signature technology or ATS providers, Vacancy Filler offers this completely free. We built it and therefore, it’s all included within your subscription, saving you even more money. if you’ve got any questions about digital signatures, or if you’d like to arrange a demonstration with one of the team to see for yourself how it works in action, contact us today. Or pick the phone up and call us now on +44 (0)1509 236 434.