Compliance training simplified

Delivering compliance training with a learning management system can help take the pressure off your team.

Most organizations require some form of annual or bi-annual compliance training and, let’s be honest, no one looks forward to fulfilling the regulatory obligations of their industry. As unappealing as these requirements may be, it’s not worth the risk to disregard maintaining the compliance and regulatory standards outlined by your industry. An organizations’ ability to maintain compliance and regulatory requirements is a key element for how organizations operate, are evaluated internally by employees and externally by governing forces, and are protected under the law.

Utilizing a learning management system to deliver your mandatory compliance training can help to make this process less of a headache. An LMS can automate all of the aspects of the training program that would have traditionally been handled manually by a large staff: scheduling with employees, deploying training with instructors, organizing classrooms, distributing physical resources, and recording all progress via spreadsheets and emails. An LMS can effectively manage this entire process and make record-keeping more efficient and more accurate by reporting reliable data.

Keep your organization a step-ahead by maintaining your industry’s compliance standards and keep your mind at ease knowing that you can easily and quickly produce the records needed for proving compliance.

Here are some of the ways that an LMS can help simplify your compliance training:

  • Set up automatic and recurring enrollments and notifications to ensure that employees are placed into their proper courses – year after year if necessary. Individual managers can also receive notifications when employees have overdue enrollments.
  • Traditional compliance training courses can be made more compelling when delivered via a highly-engaging interactive eLearning program, if you have the ability and financial resources. Universal compliance courses can often be purchased “off-the-shelf” (full custom development can be a lengthy and expensive process, but it is well worth the cost if your organization can afford it!).
  • Easily deploy training to all your employees, regardless of their geographic location.
  • Single point of access for all courses and materials ensures consistency and ease of distribution.
  • Mobile delivery allows for your employees to complete their training at their convenience, during or after business hours.
  • Safety training is invaluable and perhaps still best delivered in a classroom environment (CPR, field training etc.) – track all classroom activities within the LMS.
  • Document the effectiveness of training in general – generate assessments for proving employee knowledge, allow for peer course reviews, and compare course results to workplace performance.
  • Reports about compliance training completion can be automated for record keeping, quickly access and export these reports for proving your organizations’ compliance.

No one likes to do their required compliance training, so why not use a learning management system as a tool to make everyone’s lives easier? Delivery, tracking, and presentation of the content in general can potentially be a much more pleasant experience for all while saving company time and money in the process.

An effective compliance and regulatory training program traditionally blends elements of both online and in-person training. Our team at HireRoad has created the Learn by HireRoad LMS to bridge the gap between modern eLearning functions and more traditional in-person training. When deploying your compliance and regulatory training program, take advantage of a multi-faceted approach. The end result is a workforce of educated, productive employees in an organization free of industry compliance complaints.

If you have any questions about how the Learn by HireRoad LMS can help you to smoothly roll out your compliance and regulatory training, send us a message! We’d love to hear from you!

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