Stay ahead of ever-evolving skill requirements

Hire for Fit: Manufacturing


Generational workforce shifts, accelerating technology changes, and the complexities of managing compliance requirements for your employees is made simple with HireRoad.

Attract and recruit new builders and makers by ensuring candidates understand your mission, assess for skills and fit, onboard them quickly, and then provide needed training anytime and anywhere.

How our solutions benefit manufacturers

Cultivate a talent pool

As manufacturing reengineers itself to meet today’s needs, generational workforce turnover and an infusion of newly-required skills means employers need to build a pool of potential employees. With HR Recruit, building and cultivating relationships with potential employees is simplified.

Deliver a memorable candidate journey

Differentiate yourself as an employer of choice from the very beginning.

From your careers site to your question forms and SMS alerts, build a user-friendly, responsive and compelling journey that gives prospective employees a sense of your culture and values. 

Automate recruiting processes

Find the right employees and then train them for your unique needs. HireRoad makes it easy. Simple, engaging processes, efficient scheduling, and accurate reporting streamline the entire recruitment journey, ensuring you have the builders and makers needed to build and make.

Onboard and educate quickly and effectively

Seamlessly onboard new employees and ramp them faster with diverse training that engages and educates. Access to 100,000+ courses ensures you meet the training needs of a diverse workforce. Automatically assign learning pathways based on roles and responsibilities, manage digital certifications.

Centralize learning resources and records

Managing version control and access to training materials is easy with a centralized learning platform. HR Learn ensures your employees have access to the most current resources.

And you can simply automate course management across your organization and employees, so the right people have the right training at the right time. And you have an audit trail and records centralized for regulatory requirement compliance.

When automotive castings manufacturer Ahresty Wilmington Corporation (AWC) wanted to increase production accuracy, they launched a quality improvement initiative for employee training beyond onboarding. The results were remarkable, enabling them to earn ISO/TS-16949 certification.


Can I provide training in multiple languages?

Yes! HR Learn may be localized for up to 14 languages, across the user interface, system notifications, and system data.

Can we use the same recruiting platform to hire for locations in other countries?

Yes! We have been supporting companies, organizations, and government agencies with multinational recruiting software for decades. And because we too are a multinational organization, well understand the complexities and nuances of recruiting, onboarding, and training employees in various counties.

How can I manage compliance reporting and training certifications?

With HR Learn, customizable certificates may be automatically awarded and delivered to learners when they complete the associated course or learning path. This completion information is securely stored in the system for compliance reporting and management.

Can I integrate HireRoad with my HRIS?

Yes! HireRoad software easily integrates with your HRIS as well as thousands of other business-critical applications.

Can I automate recertification or certification renewals?

Yes! Automating certification renewals is simple with HR Learn.