NEWS: HireRoad acquires PeopleInsight

HireRoad Acquires PeopleInsight

Acquisition brings advanced data analytics capabilities to unlock hidden workforce insights

ARLINGTON, VA – August 22, 2022 – HireRoad, a leading provider of cloud-native end-to-end talent management and insight software, today announced the acquisition of PeopleInsight, a provider of powerful yet intuitive workforce analytics software. PeopleInsight’s technology seamlessly ingests, normalizes, and correlates data from any HR system, making it easy for customers to analyze data across all their HR systems in one place. By unifying data across numerous systems, users are able to uncover previously hidden insights that their companies can use to make timely and informed decisions.

PeopleInsight’s out-of-the-box solution quickly and effortlessly connects all relevant HR, talent, and people data sources, including Workday, Oracle, HireRoad, Taleo, ADP, SAP Successfactors, Greenhouse, Jobvite, and even home-grown solutions to deliver a configurable HR data cloud, personalized to the customer’s specific needs and business priorities.

The acquisition of PeopleInsight further enhances the value of HireRoad’s modern and highly automated talent management platform by both adding advanced data analytics features to the core platform and allowing customers to pull in data from other 3rd party systems to access new insights. This acquisition comes on the heels of other exciting news at HireRoad including a global rebranding that occurred earlier this year and the launch of the company’s talent management platform in Australia and New Zealand last month.

PeopleInsight’s founders, CEO John Pensom, COO Steve Johnson, and VP Lynne Russell have always been passionate about the power of data and the value it can create when harnessed properly. “By unifying data from disparate HR technologies, we allow decision-makers to spend time analyzing information and planning for the future rather than translating data and making spreadsheets,” Pensom said. “We are delighted to expand access to our platform on a global scale. In HireRoad we have found a great partner for the next chapter of our company’s journey.”

HireRoad has been impressed with PeopleInsight’s approach in supporting their customers and delivering exceptional service, and we are excited to join forces with their talented team as we accelerate our global work together.

The acquisition of PeopleInsight marks HireRoad’s third acquisition since Strattam Capital’s majority investment in 2018 to add novel functionality to the company’s platform and accelerate growth.


About HireRoad 

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About PeopleInsight

PeopleInsight is a multi-source people analytics platform built to unify a company’s disparate sources of HR, talent, people and productivity data. Founded in 2012, PeopleInsight accelerates data-driven HR at a fraction of the cost, time and risk of an in-house build. Visit to learn more.

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