Top talent live to learn – use eLearning strategies attract and engaged

Let’s face it, the stakes are higher than ever. Attracting and retaining top talent takes much more than a competitive salary and few side perks; it takes serious motivation. Over the past decade, business growth and economic expansion has focused on talent to fill the gaps. With unemployment rates at a record-low and a skill shortage on the rise, the biggest challenges facing recruiters is finding qualified candidates.

Talented people have a natural inclination to learn and a tendency to push themselves to always be better. Therefore, top talent looks for continuous developmental opportunities to advance their career.  E-learning holds a key to keeping top talent motivated, while also realizing their growth potential. 

The opportunity to upskill and grow can eventually transition top talent into leadership positions. When employers prioritize learning and development, candidates and employees pay attention.  According to a LinkedIn report, 59 percent of employees joined companies for better career paths or more opportunity.

Does your organization or agency offer a clear path for promotion? Try these techniques to showcase elearning as a stepping stone to advancement:

Attracting right candidates. 

Candidates learn a lot from the careers page of a company’s website. The careers page should  highlight the tools and technologies that help employees grow. When employers spell out terms of employment that include advanced training, top talent take notice. As a way to show their commitment to learning, businesses can build rapport with potential hires by sharing learning and development stories through traditional and social media channels. LinkedIN and other social channels can be a powerful ally to promote learning opportunities, especially as they relate to employment benefits. 

Paving the way for career advancement. 

Top talent will take time to build an interest in the investment of elearning and how it intersects with the mission of their role. More often than not, elearning is pre-recorded and enhanced through video and digital avatars to give the learner an entertaining experience. While this works for some, skip the entertainment for top talent and let them get involved with hands-on challenges. Top talent isn’t interested in cute or routine training, they are motivated by learning something that stretches their ability and advances their career. Clearly state the mission and goals of your learning programs. 

Preparing for future leadership. 

Design a clear career path for top talent with the potential for leadership roles in the future. While training is transactional, elearning transforms top talent into inspirational leaders who promote lifelong learning to peers and subordinates. Leadership training can give employers an opportunity to utilize the current talent pool and promote from within. Learners are already equipped with knowledge of the operation, structure, and culture of the organization can make a smooth transition into a leadership role. Elearning modules specifically designed for future leadership roles show top talent a commitment to growth. 

Creating a culture of elearning.

Career advancement is important to top talent. Most importantly, they understand how learning and acquiring new knowledge can break barriers, overcome challenges, and achieve results leading the way to promotion. Consequently, top talent can fulfill build a momentum towards promotions, leadership roles, and advanced skills. A culture of elearning draws on the leverage of human resources (HR) to focus on growth opportunities for vertical growth. In order for elearning to remain relevant, managers and HR should coordinate motivation strategies, elearning topics, and production requirements collectively.

Motivational strategies in elearning provide top achievers tools for advancement. In addition, employers want to reinforce the employee brand while they strengthen the existing workforce and lay the foundation for attracting top talent. 


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