Building a talent acquisition team

A Sports Team Analogy on Talent Acquisition: Step 1

In order to establish the best gameplan for talent acquisition, start with understanding who will be part of your full team roster and who are the influencers in the process. Establishing team accountability will ensure team success.

Who’s on first?

It is not just about getting the player for the correct position but also understanding how the player will contribute to the overall success for your team. Do you need a consistent player who can handle things that pop up on the field? Do you need a prime multitasker whose skilled ball handling makes him or her adept at juggling the game ball? Is your team in need of a captain who can make the big plays to keep the rest of the team on and off the field motivated? Alternatively, do you need the midfielder who can strategically move the ball to the goal consistently?

The world of human resources is changing fast, and it is critical that the human resource management team can adapt to the challenges of today. Clear insights to categorizing quality team members and their skill set is a vital part of the day-to-day operations. In the past, the human resource management team would be bogged down by clunky staff job descriptions, appraisals, lengthy recruitment processes and balancing employee satisfaction surveys. Look for tools that allow your team to acquire top talent with the critical skills required to fill the position, while at the same time using the fewest amount of vital resources. Implementing essential resources efficiently will lead to your organization’s success.

The owners’ box

When scouting for talent, it is essential to understand your organization’s overall vision and mission. It is critical to know what goal the whole team should drive toward to ensure an organization works seamlessly together. Where does the executive leadership see the trends for the group heading? What should future talent be working on as it moves forward?

Success in recruiting and retaining top performers requires every organization to have access to insightful reports that provide analysis on productivity, development and career progression. Utilizing people analytics and adding it as a key element to your playbook strengthens the human resource team and the overall organization. Focused people analytics becomes the critical management tool that keeps the whole team moving toward the organization’s goals. HR Onboard provides insight to improve the performance of all aspects of your team. Through easy-to-use dashboards and reports, timely information and a unified view of people data empower you to make critical business decisions based on real data – not guesswork.

Do it for the fans

It is essential that you build a team that can keep your fan base ensuring that clients are satisfied and ready to come back again and again. A strong fan or client base is what will propel your organization to future successes. It is not just the play on the field but how your clients feel when they walk away from the game. Do they feel satisfied? Was it worth their time to be a part of the event? Can the team make their experience better next time? Ensure your players’ performance is aligned with your organizational goals and strategy.

Employees are the most significant fan base you can have. A satisfied and engaged employee base is the best motivator for recruitment and organization growth. If your organization has a strong and supportive employee base, more people will want to be a part of that program, whether it is as a part of the vibrant employee atmosphere or as a satisfied customer. Having the ability to enhance the employee experience makes your team stronger. A recruiting candidate portal that has mobile applications creates a positive recruitment experience. It gives your candidate the first impression of his or her potential and value within your organization. Making sure your employee fan base has a positive experience from the beginning moments of the application process to the career culmination celebration ensures a commitment to quality and organizational successes.

How can data analytics make a difference in the talent acquisition process?

Data analytics define details bringing to the spotlight team strengths and weakness.  Utilizing cross-department skills can show infinite possibilities for strategic insights. Goals set and monitoring of mentored talent can also be presented in this forum.

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