Pay transparency and pay equity are top of mind for many HR professionals these days.

How we work has changed in the last several years. And so has how we think about pay. States are legislating pay transparency. The employer-employee relationship continues to evolve as people expect more transparency around wages, and not just during recruitment. And social norms regarding pay equity across demographics continue to shift (thank goodness!)

What does this mean for organizations adopting policies around their pay practices? It’s yet another thing to pile on already burdened HR teams. But there’s good news! Technology can help.

A role for HR technology  

At HireRoad, our focus is on HR software that helps businesses answer key questions about their workforce and engage employees from the very beginning of their journey. Why? Because insights about your people drive your business.   

Our own Janine Nieuwoudt joins other HR leaders and discuss how in this article from SHRM. “HR technology should provide quick and easy access to information, not data,” Nieuwoudt said. “Meaningful business learnings, and therefore good business decisions, are made on the back of more than just simple data. A good system should have the ability to go further than that, and should ideally be able to tie into other systems within the company. 

When considering vendors, HireRoad’s Nieuwoudt said, it’s important to have a good understanding of the problem the platform needs to solve—or “what enhancement of HR and business knowledge you’re looking for when it comes to analytics.”

The article goes on to discuss how smaller HR software are often more attentive when working with customers to address their needs. You can read the full article here.

Interested in seeing how HireRoad can help your organization tackle pay equity and transparency? Or other people-related initiatives? Get in touch. We’ll arrange a complimentary ‘show and tell’. It’s a fast, hassle-free non-obligatory look at the solutions we’ve created to help companies understand their workforce and recruit, hire, onboard, and train new employees.