Employee empowerment – LMS engagement

Employees are your organizations greatest asset and successful employees are happy employees. A good training and development plan will help energize your company and facilitate greater employee development. The benefits of a good employee training and development plan include; greater productivity, better employee engagement and the enhancement of employee talent. An LMS can enable you to facilitate professional and successful employee development through learning automation, social learning, mentoring, tracking and reporting, and natural mobility, here’s how.

Learning Automation

Using a logic rule-based system learning automation allows administrators the ability to streamline your systems workflow by automatically assigning learning paths, course enrollments, user roles, and permissions.

Social Learning

Social interaction is a powerful and positive reinforcement and a tried and true way to stimulate behavior. Learning actively and socially can help learners retain more information that wouldn’t be possible with stagnant online learning courses. A social learning element within an LMS can allow for collaboration and discussion with message boards, built in messaging, and online communities.


Offering individualized coaching both inside and out of your LMS can boost confidence and reduce turn-over in your employees. Mentoring capabilities within your LMS will allow for personalized assignments and one-on-one training events that can be incorporated and tracked as part of your employee development process.

Tracking and Reporting

It is important to make sure your LMS offers a great learning experience for your student but also provides you with the tracking and reporting capabilities you need to effectively measure your training. An LMS with good tracking and reporting capabilities will allow supervisors, managers, and administrators the ability to track and measure employee progress through your development and training program.

Natural Mobility

Finding time for training can be one of the biggest challenges to a successful development and training program. Setting aside time to learn while satisfying day-to-day job requirements can be very difficult for even the most organized and dedicated employee. An LMS that provides a seamless mobile-responsive user experience will allow your employees the ability to access their material on any device, anytime, anywhere allowing them the capability to develop their skills when it is convenient for them.

Learn by HireRoad

The Learn by HireRoad LMS helps you give your employees the tools they need to succeed in your organization with a comprehensive learning and development program delivered through a state of the art, simply beautiful learning experience. Whether you’re offering your employees classroom-based or virtual instructor-led training, interactive eLearning, mobile learning, social learning, or even on-the-job motoring and assessments, HireRoad can help. Contact us today for a free demo.