Become a talent magnet – attract, engage and hire with an automated candidate journey

Are you stuck in a rut of using the same old job ad templates for your vacancies, advertising them in the same old places, and seeing what comes back at you?

It sounds like it’s time to wave a magic wand over your drab and uninspiring recruitment processes. That is where ‘Recruitment Marketing‘ can help light up your job opportunities to new hires and ensure they shine through amongst your competitors.

Georgina Swann, HireRoad’s Marketing Director, says on the subject:

“When we hear the term ‘marketing’, we automatically think about advertising and sales messages to get people to buy something. That’s exactly what recruitment marketing does –  it nicely packages and ‘sells’ job roles and company values/differentiators to potential candidates. In reality, it really is no different from how a marketing team would generate interest, engage, nurture prospects and then pass over to sales to sell.

But without a flexible CRM and sales/marketing automation platform, we wouldn’t be able to function! To have one common operating practice for our sales and marketing teams is critical to the growth and the recruitment operation should be no different. That’s how powerful an Applicant Tracking System is for recruiters. Without one, you won’t have the flexibility, agility, and ease you need to be productive, efficient, or insightful”.

I’m a recruiter – not a marketing expert!

You really don’t have to be. The beauty of an ATS is that it pretty much does it all for you. You need to make sure your adverts, emails, and SMSs fit the tonality of your brand, your logo’s/awards perhaps are on everything and you can easily create your own templates with videos, images, and links to documents.

Creating templates is pretty much like creating a word document – that simple!

Make sure you have a Careers Site that promotes your Vision, Values, People, EVP, and DI&E, that your job adverts bring the roles to life are easily searchable and your application process is relevant to that role.

Automating the Candidate Journey

That’s quite simple too. Recruit by HireRoad ATS uses the three “W” methods. What, Who, When. You can automate your entire candidate journey with auto-notifications for Hiring Managers. It will save lots of time and eliminate most of your manual tasks if done correctly (Vacancy Filler can always help you with this).

Here’s an example:

Get one step ahead

There was a time when recruitment marketing was perceived just as a way of primping and preening your vacancies to attract applications. More recently it’s acknowledged as going much deeper. With all the clever marketing tools in the world, candidates won’t stay sticky if your candidate journey isn’t inspiring, efficient, and sleek. Plus with the automated communication sequences in a top-of-the-range applicant tracking system takes all the hard work out of it for you.

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