An ATS with a built-in multi-posting feature saves time and money

Are you still wasting time and money on Multi-Poster Services? 

Posting vacancies to multiple job boards at the push of a button is a must for recruiters. But at what cost and time? Many recruitment professionals are using multi-posting services that not only charge per post but also take a little while longer to get your jobs live – whether it’s through direct accounts or via your Applicant Tracking System provider. Some are more manual than others and need you to decide which job boards to post your vacancies to on a case-by-case basis. Others leverage AI to do more of the thinking for you. But, speak to any recruiter who uses them and they’ll usually tell you the perfect multi-poster service doesn’t exist. There are usually brilliant elements they’d take from a few different multi-poster services to create the definitive version. But, they don’t need to do that. The HR Recruit ATS incorporates an outstanding and cost-effective Inbuilt Multi-Poster that checks all the boxes standalone multi-posters leave unticked. How Does an Inbuilt Multi-Poster Work? A formidable Applicant Tracking System like HR Recruit has everything pulled together for you under a single umbrella. This great, ATS Inbuilt Multi-Poster function, empowers you to post every job vacancy in nanoseconds to:
  • Over 70+ job boards
  • Your Careers Page/Site
  • Your Internal Job Boards
  • Your Social Media Platforms
  • Your Agencies/RPO’s
What’s the Added Value of an Integrated Multi-Poster in an ATS? With a truly market-leading Applicant Tracking System,  you’ll experience a range of game-changing benefits, such as:
  • Cost Savings – You won’t get charged anything for posting to Job Boards, Careers sites, Social Media, or your Agencies if the technology powering this is built in-house by your ATS provider (as is the case with Vacancy Filler). Beware: This doesn’t apply to all ATS providers. Some will charge you every time you publish a job vacancy if they have a multi-posting partner. This can be up to £5.00 per job ad.
  • Greater Job Board Choice – A better Applicant Tracking System can usually integrate any niche job boards that aren’t widely used. This is massively beneficial if you need any to use any job boards that aren’t automatically included alongside the more common ones. 
  • Reporting and Analytics – An ATS can tell you in real-time which job boards are performing the best for every vacancy you post. Everybody who needs to be in the loop can see where you’re up to with applications and hires. In addition, these analytics will help inform where your future ad spending is best justified on a per role basis. It empowers you to serve up every future vacancy where it’s likely to be consumed by the best talent.
Vacancy Filler has a longstanding principle that your job ads deserve to reach as many potential candidates as possible. In the current climate of mass skills shortages, it’s never been more important for recruiters. Why not book yourself a demo? Or call us today on 01509 236 434 for an initial informal chat about our Applicant Tracking System. Its multi-poster benefits are just one of the ways it can revolutionise your recruitment process.