Having a continuously morphing HR tech stack is gold dust against a recruitment backdrop that shifts from feast to famine and back again at lightning speed. But, with so many HR recruitment tools to choose between, it can be baffling to know which ones will work best for you in reality.  

It can get even more confusing having to think about if and how different tools work in harmony together or not. You’ll know exactly what we’re talking about if you’ve got standalone implements in your toolbox that don’t attune with everything else in your HR tech stack.

It doesn’t matter how effective these individual features are. If they’re lone wolves rather than team players, they’re opening you up to –

  • Spending more time on more work, ducking and diving between different tools for different tasks
  • Making unintentional and unnecessary errors due to lack of alignment
  • Contravening data compliance by having data scattered across multiple platforms
  • Being stung for hidden charges that come with signing up for various standalone functionalities

But, fear not! These potential problems are so last century with a HR tech stack consolidated with a single vendor that understands what it takes to attract, hire, onboard, and then equip candidates for success quickly. And here’s just few reasons why…

How Do Aligned HR Tech Stack Features Supercharge Candidate Attraction?

Having awe-inspiring ATS software in your HR tech stack puts you in control from the onset. No more hovering between different places for different information. The more you do, the less control you have. Instead, with everything from job requisition to interviewing aligned, information free-flows in and out of one single potent source. The possibilities are empowering and almost endless, for example –  

  • Job Board Data and Easy Posting – Analytics give you unprecedented insight in to which job boards are working best for your various vacancy types. The result? You can get more targeted for better, faster results and use your advertising budget more wisely. In addition, you can multi-post to over 70 job boards with a formidable ATS like Recruit by HireRoad. So, there’s the extra win of not having to cover any costs for using external multi-posting platforms. 
  • Elastic Application Processes that Bend and Flex – Let’s face it. Clunky application forms are out of step in a candidate’s market. The best talent is getting direct approaches from recruiters jostling for position. Top quality candidates don’t need to wrangle arduous application processes.
    Having a powerful ATS in your HR tech stack is game changing for when you need to get creative with your application process. Can you imagine being able to condense your application form in to a more manageable version? Or experimenting with different mixes of mini-app forms, résumés and screening questions? You might even choose to scrap screening questions temporarily, to see if it has a positive impact without too many unsuitable applicants getting a foot in the door. Remember, you can always hit the Stop button on anything that doesn’t work for you, or when the situation shifts again.
  • Branded and Personalized Email & SMS Comms – They’re on brand, sleek, highly efficient and super speedy to pre-schedule. Having the ability to automate and send regular professional communications to candidates keeps them posted and minimizes drop off.
  • Homogenized Video Screening – Video screening is ‘now’, it’s a highly efficient assessment tool, and included as standard with HR Recruit.  
  • Integrated Screening Solutions – Do you need to use minimum criteria and/or skills-based screening questions? Psychometric assessments? Situational judgement tests? You don’t need to look any further with top-of-the-range recruitment software that includes libraries of thousands of questions to tap in to.


What Do You Need in Your HR Tech Stack to Ramp Up Hiring and Onboarding?

So, you’ve hooked your ideal candidate and reeled them in. Don’t give lurking competitors a second to swoop in and steal the best talent from your grasp. Act quickly and decisively!

White hot speed and accuracy are achieved effortlessly when your HR tech stack is full to bursting with transformational hiring and onboarding integrations, such as –

  • Rapid DBS, Right to Work and References – Reference checking can cause bottlenecks, requesting information from various agencies and past employees, chasing up non-responders, and cross-checking different references kept in different places. Integration wipes potential stodginess off the map. Picture this, fully automated and branded requests flying out and references landing back in the same place, with any late responses automatically chased up.
  • Expedited E-Signatures – ‘Wet signatures’ remove the time and effort of transmitting documents backwards and forwards between you and your new hire, by email or post. They get your new team member-in-waiting’s signature on the dotted line ASAP. Plus, there’s the added bonus that e-signatures are legally compliant.
  • Compelling Remote induction Platforms – Embrace the opportunity to start the onboarding process as soon as you’ve exchanged contracts. From online pre-start training modules to an introduction on your staff intranet, it’s a surefire means of making your new hire feel like part of the furniture long before their first day.  

What About When Candidates Have Transitioned to Employees?

A comprehensive HR tech stack doesn’t stop at recruiting and onboarding. After all, it’s just the tip of the iceberg of a long and productive journey your new hire will hopefully enjoy with your business.

An LMS is the superlative tool for fulfilling the promises you made to your trusty candidate. And, like many other features, filling your HR tech stack with a single vendor’s products makes for lighter and sleeker work. So, your LMS starts populating a new hire’s data from the onboarding stage. As a result, you’re better prepped and ready to take a look into the future with every new hire, including their –

  • Tailored Learning and Development –An intuitive LMS will help you create bespoke learning and development plans across an employee’s tenure in your business, on an experience, needs and/or role specific basis
  • One-Off or Ongoing Compliance Training – For a one-time-only safety training, or role-specific compliance training that needs to be regularly renewed, a superb LMS ensures every employee remains on top of legal requirements.

 At HireRoad, our Recruit, Onboard, and Learn solutions are purpose-designed to accompany you and every candidate, new hire and employee through the journey from their very first touchpoint to their very last.

Do you have any questions about an exemplary HR tech stack? Get in touch to arrange an initial demo.