Optimize candidate selection

Improve Quality of Hire

Elevate quality of hire to unlock numerous benefits such as cost savings, reduced turnover, improved company culture, and enhanced performance. With HireRoad, you can gain a holistic and in-depth view of your workforce data to pinpoint areas of opportunity, make strategic data-driven decisions, and evolve your people strategy.

Optimize employee investment

Your employees represent a significant investment—requiring substantial resources for recruitment, onboarding, and training. Transitioning individuals to star employees takes effort, but the risk of ineffectiveness or attrition can be substantial. Prioritize reliable channels and individuals to optimize your investments and mitigate risk.

Assess impacts of first-year outcomes

Determining the quality of talent you bring on board can be evaluated through various metrics. Examining the outcomes achieved in the first year provides valuable insights that shape and prioritize your efforts.

Measure quality

Identify the outcomes to measure, such as performance and retention, in order to evaluate the quality of your hires. By focusing on the right data and monitoring these key metrics, you can take targeted action to optimize your hiring processes and drive better results.

Uncover insights

Utilize HireRoad’s analytics tool to uncover insights, identify opportunities, and surface trends or problems in order to improve the quality of your hires.

Take targeted action

By tracking key metrics and presenting progress against desired outcomes, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your initiatives to stakeholders and ensure ongoing improvement.

Benefit from ongoing support

Leverage HireRoad’s analysts and evolve your analytics capabilities and strategy with expert help and advice.

Top 5 HR Analytics Dashboards

Get a glimpse into the dashboards that leading organizations like Splunk, DraftKings and Stryker are using for better decision making and great executive conversations.


Harness the Power of HR Data Insights

Expedite your journey into people analytics, with a risk-free and user-friendly experience.

Let us store and administer your data, reducing the technical requirements and need for internal resource investments.

Get ongoing analyst support to help evolve your people analytics strategy effectively and efficiently.

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