The value of integrated HR software

The human resource department is the core component of any operation. While it serves the company and it’s employees, human resources (HR) can also function as back-up office support with additional responsibilities like recruitment, payroll, training, and development. With the right integrated HR software, companies can streamline and standardize processes for recruitment, performance management, employee engagement, and skill development.

Productivity can improve when critical data integrates from multiple sources and eliminates repetitive data entry. With this type of integration, automation and workflow improve and reduce the need for manual intervention. In fact, well-designed applications provide interoperability that keeps data in sync across partnering platforms for consistent reports, reliable compliance, and meaningful employee engagement.

Integration can provide value where it’s needed most. In this case, HR and IT must plan and determine the best integration solution to manage authentication across platforms and look for ways to enhance the core HR system. A solid strategy is necessary to address data uniformity, manual intervention, and database maintenance as needed. For best results, choose technology that is scalable and addresses transparency in performance management

For the best outcome, consult with the IT department every step of the way to ensure holistic integration that includes data compatibility with current operations. Integrated HR software develops a relationship with the data to:

Improve Accuracy

HR tasks are highly regulated and a minor infraction can be costly.  Human error is always possible when multiple people are required to input data. An integrated system can reduce mistakes, require less input, and deliver confidence in the accuracy of the data at the core of the organization. Tight integration of internal and external systems promotes a successful implementation with real-time data and up-to-date compliance.

Track Compliance

When it comes to the rules and regulations of compliance, software programs are designed to review the rules with specific industry criteria in mind. With the help of alerts, reports, and individual analysis, it’s easier for a company to adhere to laws and regulations with a solid software platform. An integrated organization can improve its reputation, avoid penalties, and be in tune with the core of the business.

Monitor Performance

Businesses build strategies based on calculated data from HR that analyzes hiring costs, turnover rates, and performance. The results of this data can be used to plan and develop future metrics for performance management goals and skill development objectives.  A healthy culture of learning and employee engagement enables better innovation and improved leadership. 

Provide Access

Integration puts information in the right place at the right time. For instance, if payroll and HR are integrated, it becomes easier for employees to access time off, deductions, tax information, and benefit coverage. This level of access gives employees the opportunity to address and resolve issues without relying on management or HR for simple questions or requests. In return, an integrated system provides HR managers with quick accurate information to things like employee records, onboarding strategies, training development procedures and much more. 

Integrate wisely

Allow your IT team to map out the best strategy to integrate systems based on the most benefit for employees, the HR team, and the company objective. Integration with other industry partners can make a significant difference in efficiency and accuracy and the data being shared. Just as important, staff training on the implementation benefits of new software can help alleviate frustration by employees who may resist change.

Integrating HR systems can be a challenge and a reward. As HR departments address structural changes to data, it also offers an opportunity to standardize policies, procedures, and protocol with the help of technology. As the modern workplace evolves, integrated HR software becomes an intricate piece to workplace autonomy, excellence, and success. If you have questions about HR software integrations, our FREE DEMO, can bring it all to light.