High Volume, High Velocity Recruitment

  • Hiring the best employees is critical to bringing your brand promises to life and delivering superior guest experiences. A differentiated approach to recruiting, onboarding and investing in your employees is the key.
  • Speed your hiring process through out-of-the-box tools like shortlisting, candidate tagging, video screening, situations judgment testing, skills assessment, ranking and scoring.
  • Shorten recruiting cycles by automating hiring processes. Schedule and communicate directly via SMS or emails with multiple candidates at once.

Some of the world’s best hospitality companies trust their talent acquisition, training and people insights to HireRoad


Boost employee motivation and morale through L&D

  • Equip your employees with the tools they need to work safely and productively including OSHA standards for workplace safety, security training and company specific training like menu compliance.
  • Empower employees with the freedom to fit learning into their schedules.
  • Launch personalized, automated learning paths based on employee needs, regions and roles.

Quickly attract, recruit, hire, onboard, and train new employees with HireRoad

“Finding the right people can be difficult, partly because unemployment is at an all-time low and this new software really helps us. (we’ve) reduced our administrative burden by as much as 75%.”

Julie Redfern, Head of HR


Make your workforce more productive.

  • Improve employee engagement and reduce attrition by gaining a single view of insights from multiple HR systems to identify areas of concern to address immediately.
  • View data across all of your locations, brands and systems. Create timely action plans to remove bottlenecks and initiate new processes for changing requirements.
  • Report accurate forecasts that address changing hiring needs including estimated growth in the business, projected attrition, skills gaps and industry changes based on external influences.

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