Reduce turnover and improve employee retention

Retain Top Talent

Get a holistic view into your workforce analytics to gain insights into the success and challenges of your employees. With HireRoad’s people analytics platform, you can track movement within your organization and make informed decisions around talent retention efforts.  Your people are your greatest investment, and retaining top talent allows you to cultivate an engaged, high-performing workforce.

Optimize talent segmentation

Understanding that not all talent is created equal is essential for strategic decision-making. Identify and re-engage high-performing individuals, promote career opportunities to existing employees and get valuable insights to help you identify and retain talent within specific segments.

Measure employee retention

Metrics like employee satisfaction, turnover rate, and absence rates provide valuable insights that enable you to take confident, targeted actions. By continuously measuring and monitoring these metrics, you can quickly identify retention challenges and take proactive steps to address them.

Connect the dots between engagement and retention

Take action on your employee engagement survey data. Extract key insights to guide and optimize your HR initiatives. Then demonstrate the impact of those initiatives by tracking and comparing trends across your engagement and retention data.

Enhance internal mobility strategies

Gaining a comprehensive understanding of specific metrics, such as the extent of internal mobility opportunities across various talent segments, enables you to identify areas of mobility potential. With consistent measurement, you can pinpoint opportunities for internal mobility and implement focused initiatives that foster talent retention within your organization.

Identify opportunities and uncover trends

Leverage data and analytics to identify opportunities, trends, and uncover potential problems within your talent retention efforts.

Measure outcomes

By measuring key metrics and demonstrating real progress, you can showcase the effectiveness of your talent retention initiatives to stakeholders, fostering trust and buy-in.

Build strategies with expert support

Leverage HireRoad’s experienced analysts to drive the evolution of your analytics capabilities and strategy to meet your evolving needs while staying ahead of the curve.

People Analytics: Recruitment through Retention

Take a deeper dive into what insights your recruiting data holds and what areas of opportunities or problems you can solve by digging in a bit deeper to your people analytics.


Harness the Power of HR Data Insights

Expedite your journey into people analytics, with a risk-free and user-friendly experience.

Let us store and administer your data, reducing the technical requirements and need for internal resource investments.

Get ongoing analyst support to help evolve your people analytics strategy effectively and efficiently.

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