6 Steps to Successful Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is critical to a thriving organisation and culture.  Read about the 6 key steps to ensuring your business will deliver an experience that prioritizes employee engagement.

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1. Talent Acquisition: Target Top Talent

Engage top performers from the start by making their first connection with your team a positive experience.

For example, show them that they matter by sending a quick email that clarifies interview times, check-in procedures, or even the names of interviewers.

2. Onboarding: Welcome them to the team and delight them

Onboarding is a prime opportunity for HR to help new employees better assimilate into an organization’s work culture.

For example, provide mentor programs, adequate training, and skilled guidance to ensure new employees quickly become productive contributors.

3. Performance Management: Use clear and regular evaluations

Acknowledgment of a job well done is important to building employee connections.

For example: Incentives such as health benefits or monetary recognition are important, but having employees understand how they contribute to your organization’s goals and mission is often a much stronger motivator.

4. Employee Retention: Help them feel their worth

Ensure that the organization makes optimal use of each employee’s skillset and overall experience. Also make sure that employees
are appreciated for what they bring to the table.

For example: Ask for different perspectives; diverse development planning will yield a vast array of possibilities. You can gather those perspectives via discussion forums.

5. Development Planning: Work together on growth

Supporting workforce development is a fundamental responsibility of all managers. The HR team should look for talent management software that provides the flexibility to generate quality data analytics quickly and accurately.

6. Communication: Stay connected

Maintaining a positive dialogue is key to upholding your commitment to employee engagement and enhances your chances of success in all aspects of talent management.

For example: Find a platform that allows you to connect with employees. Team members who feel valued will be inspired by that vision.

The prospect of improving your employee engagement so that it aligns well with your talent management program can be daunting,
but the key lies in identifying the core elements that will bring you success. Once you identify those basic steps, you can design an
intuitive system that nurtures a sense of community within the workplace. Additionally, you’ll have created a process that will work
well into the future.

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6 steps to successful employee engagement infographic cover

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