How Can a Robust LMS Keep You on the Right Side of Anti-Harassment Law?

The Me Too movement has put workplace sexual harassment and assault firmly on the agenda in recent years. And while it might or might not be directly related, a new act was passed in the United States on March 3, 2022 – the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act.

What the Act means in real terms for employers is they’ll no longer be able to –

  • Enforce arbitration if an employee alleges harassment or assault.
  • Veto employees from pursuing a class action as part an arbitration agreement
  • Decide if harassment allegations are subject to arbitration or not, it will now be down to a court to decide.

As a result, it’s expected that –

  • More sexual harassment and assault cases will end up in court.
  • Courts will award higher damages than employees whose cases are upheld would have previously received in arbitration.

From a corporate perspective, prevention is better than cure. So, it’s more critical than ever to button up your anti-harassment training.

To this end, a powerful LMS is an ideal tool to help you stand up, automate, and track your anti-harassment and other compliance training programs painlessly and at pace.

Here are some ideas how.

Failproof Anti-Harassment Course Creation Has Never Been Such Plain Sailing

Workplace harassment and assault is a complex and sensitive field. The compliance of your business depends on your people understanding and living up to what’s expected of them. So, the last things you need are outdated processes and tools that are strenuous and slow to use.

Battle no more! A leading LMS makes a walk in the park of creating, customizing and deploying the right anti-harassment training to the right people at the right time.

Imagine being able to create, customize and integrate all the key components for powerhouse anti-harassment training. And besides creating and adding new courses, you can also add new content to existing courses at the touch of a button, too.

It’s never been this fuss-free to import training content from other platforms – both in-house and external – and to add a variety of features to engage and inspire your team members, like –

  • Audio and video content
  • PDFs and word docs
  • Course materials, in PDF, Powerpoint or Word formats
  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Instructor led training, either live or pre-recorded

But, having the tech to create anti-harassment training is one thing. Getting your employees to welcome and support it is entirely another thing when you’re asking them to shoehorn more training in to their already packed schedules.

Empowering Your People to Champion Anti-Harassment Training

This is dilemma.

On one hand, there’s Boston-based employment attorney Daniel R Fishman of Morgan, Brown & Joy warning readers of Human Resource Executive, “Anti-harassment trainings cover multiple complex and sensitive subject matters that can be difficult to talk about. If handled improperly, these trainings can be detrimental to an employer, resulting in the opposite of the intended effect and undercutting otherwise available defenses.”

He’s right. But, on the other hand, getting your employees to take anti-harassment and other compliance training to their hearts can be easier said than done.

Teams are increasingly working flexibly and remotely, making traditional classroom-style training a less viable option. And expecting team members to take half or full days out for anti-harassment training might not be the best way forward. You need their full attention. It’s unlikely you’ll get it if they’re clock watching and feeling like their time would be better spent elsewhere.

How you do it is just as important as what you do. For this purpose, a premium LMS enables you to deploy anti-harassment training to your team members as formally or flexibly as you see fit for optimum engagement levels, such as –  

  • eLearning – Fully trackable self-service anti-harassment training on their desktops, laptops, tablets or even phones via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx platforms.
  • Blended Learning – A hybrid solution combining in-person and remote learning.
  • Microlearning – An increasingly popular training method serving up content in snackable portions that are more easily consumed than everything in a great big single sitting.

Add moderated social media discussion groups to the mix. And you’re good to deliver potent anti-harassment training that resonates with your team members and instigates thought provoking conversations.

At HireRoad, our exemplary LMS helps you stay on the right side of fast-moving anti-harassment and compliance rules and regulations. It’s so powerful because it empowers you to deliver training that gets your team members on board and keeps them on board as much as you are.

Anti-harassment and other compliance training are only the tip of the iceberg. We’d love to walk and talk you through a transformational LMS that could change your staff training forever. Click here today to arrange a demo and see for yourself.