HR Data Locked Away in Disparate Systems? Part 1

A key issue faced by HR is the lack of data integration across a company’s HR Tech landscape.

Most could benefit from spending less time in the complexities of connecting the data, and more time doing analysis, interpretation and delivering reports that stakeholders want. But it’s not easy to do it alone with home-grown approaches to analytics and reporting. And for many companies, there aren’t always big budgets or internal resources with the capability (or time) to buy/build the solution you need. If you are faced with this challenge, a new HR Tech category called the multi-source people analytics platform might be the right fit for you. Here are 5 reasons why the multi-source people analytics platform can address these challenges:

1. It’s YOUR workforce data

Your workforce data is precious, confidential, under-utilized – and YOURS to leverage – don’t let anyone (internal or an external vendor) have you believe otherwise. It’s YOUR workforce data, you should use it.

2. Your HR data is everywhere

You know. Everywhere.

3. Your HR tech landscape will continue to be disparate

The pipe-dream of a single “source” of the truth and one-common transactional platform has passed – even if you are already running a Workday, UKG, SAP or ORACLE. Over time, there’s no doubt that you will make great advancements in your point-HR technologies (which may, in fact, have some silo’d reporting embedded), however they will still be disparate. And that’s a major problem.

4. Your workforce data should be portable and seamless

Many transactional HR Technology solutions make it difficult for you to access, integrate-with, move around and mash together your data. You need simple, yet powerful approaches to getting amplified value from connecting and integrating your HR data. This goes beyond the standard APIs that just move micro-bits of transactional data….because what you really need is the ability to continually flow and blend atomic transactional details from all points in time.

5. The primary purpose of most HR tech is transactional processing whereas the primary purpose of the multi-source people analytics platform is reporting, business intelligence, visualization and data discovery for HR

Simply put, a multi-source people analytics platform is a completely different species – one which is solely designed to manage, segment and help you discover the things which are most important in your mountains of HR and workforce data. It isn’t a transactional system which is far less sophisticated when it comes to delivering business intelligence and management information. Want to see things in action? Schedule your demo today.