Helping one of the UK’s largest supermarkets move to people-centered, digital recruitment. 

To support the company’s growth, the Aldi Academy was launched in October 2013. This facility, based at its Regional Distribution Centre in Bolton, was set up as a centre of national excellence for Recruitment, Training HR Administration, and Health and Safety.

Moving to a standardised central approach to recruitment was an important step to ensure that Aldi could meet its ever-growing requirements. It was also essential that the Academy was operationally efficient, still allowing Hiring Managers to retain ownership and to make recruitment decisions for themselves.

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Aldi is the UK’s fifth-largest and fastest-growing supermarket with over 920 stores and 38,000 employees across the UK.

The company has more than doubled its market share since 2010 by attracting hundreds of thousands of new customers every year with its range of exclusive brands, passing low operating costs on to customers in the form of low prices.