Can People Analytics Boost Employee Engagement and Business Goals?

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”   

Wise words from Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup, but sometimes easier said than done for businesses that aren’t 100% sure what winning in the workplace looks like.   

As HR technology advances, progressive organizations are prioritizing workforce understanding to positively impact their business. This is where people analytics come into play, serving as a cutting-edge tool to leverage employee engagement and support overall business goals.  

But maximizing your employees goes beyond simply ensuring their happiness. It involves providing necessary support, encouragement, and growth opportunities. People analytics serves as a catalyst for propelling organizations towards their objectives, streamlining workflows and enhancing learning and development. Let’s explore specific strategies and benefits of people analytics for boosted employee engagement and turbocharged business objectives. 


Igniting Employee Engagement with People Analytics  

The beauty of people analytics lies in its capability for combining and analyzing relevant HR data from all your existing sources. This might include a variety of different systems and even different formats. For example, it’s not unusual for HR teams to use at least a few of the following:  

  • A HCM system or HRIS  
  • An ATS  
  • An onboarding system  
  • A L&D system  
  • Payroll  
  • Manual spreadsheets for crunching various sets of numbers   
  • Anecdotal data from 1:1 meeting, exit interviews, etc  

 Can you even begin to imagine the wealth of insights locked in these disparate systems and documents? You’ve likely got exponential amounts of the stuff, in key areas such as:  

  • Sick leave and lateness  
  • Staff retention  
  • KPIs, sales versus targets, online ratings  
  • L&D  
  • Promotions, demotions and sideways steps  

Now, imagine being able to not only create cohesion amongst all this data, but also take it to another level entirely! With the ability to drill down into specific teams, departments, sites, managers, and timeframes (just to name a few). 

It may seem like a large undertaking. And if you’ve ever tried battling with it manually, you might be painfully aware how difficult it can be! But an elite people analytics software makes light work of it.   

You’ll be amazed by the insights revealed, and how these compelling insights empower data-driven decision-making in perfect alignment with your overall business goals.  

And what of the benefits in terms of employee engagement of all these newfound analytical capabilities?  

Unveil What Drives Them  

A people analytics system equips you to explore the intricate dynamics of your team. By doing so, you will have the knowledge and insight to understand the precise factors that ignite their passion and fuel their performance. This will allow you to shape a culture where every individual feels valued for their hard work and contributions. 

Empower Managers to Inspire Teams  

It can be challenging for leaders to instigate positive change when nobody is sure a) if there are issues, and b) what the issues are! Enter analytics, the solution you’ve been waiting for to help managers understand their team’s strengths and aspirations. What’s more, deeper understanding leads to better communication and mutual trust. As a result, managers can inspire their teams to scale new heights by aligning team strategies with broader business goals.  

Build Bridges and Cultivate Collaboration  

Data insights can act as profound conversation starters across multiple levels of your business. This can result in deeper relationships between employees and management, and a more collaborative workplace, where every voice is heard, and every employee is more than just a cog in the corporate wheel.   

Personalize Impactful Experiences  

Has a tailored experience for each employee previously been out of your reach? Then a leading people analytics system can make it a reality. With the right tools of the trade, you can finely tune every touchpoint to further a sense of belonging and individual growth, from personalized training and development programs to targeted recognition and rewards.  

Measure Progress to Achieve Excellence  

The data produced by a people analytics system isn’t merely numbers. On the contrary, it’s your gateway a world of awe-inspiring insights, enabling you to:  

  • Measure engagement levels  
  • Track goals  
  • Evaluate performance metrics with unparalleled precision  

And here’s the best part… Getting eyes on this invaluable information arms you to make well-informed decisions that drive your organization towards unparalleled success, too.  

What’s more, the ability to track relevant metrics means you can continuously refine and enhance your approach to employee satisfaction, making sure your successes are not only sustained but also built upon.  

Why People Analytics is the New Non-Negotiable for Improving Employee Engagement  

According to systems and data training company Cambridge Spark, it’s not a question of whether you should invest in data analytics tools and skills; it’s why you haven’t already done so.   

But it’s one thing having the technology. Using it to its maximum advantage can be another thing completely! “Your organization must also bridge the gap between HR data analytics and actionable insights”, they advise in their recent Improve Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Using HR Data article. “This enables effective data interpretation and the identification of trends and patterns that impact employee satisfaction.”  

After all, you’re not leveraging the full potential of people analytics if you can’t align your business strategies with the unique pulse of your people. To this end, clear and user-friendly data-driven insights are essential guideposts on your journey to building an engaged, motivated, and successful workforce.   

At HireRoad, our PeopleInsight by HireRoad system is designed to unlock your full potential. Understanding your people is the key to overcoming any work challenge, especially when it comes to employee engagement. 

Ready to see for yourself how people analytics can transform your organization into a beacon of success by cultivating employee engagement? Book a free demo today and you could be on your way to enhanced employee engagement and better business in just 10 days.