Four steps to talent acquisition success

The latest breed of talent acquisition software is an appealing concept in a twisting, turning marketplace that doesn’t stand still for a second. Especially when intentionally developed for our post-pandemic world. Even now, uncertainties carried over from 2022 into 2023 coninue to cook up storms. As a result, HR recruitment teams must maintain an even keel, and provide their best to their people.  As a result. this helps people provide their best in return.

But how do you achieve that perfect balance? Especially when you’re combatting a heady mix of staff and skills shortages? Plus a potential slowdown in hiring as inflation bites? And then layer in the shifting ambitions and priorities of employees? It sounds daunting, yet it’s also an opportunity to reexamine how things are done. Technology can help, as can streamlining processes and workflows.

An end-to-end platform for talent aquisition

You can certainly do things without software. Make a great new hire. Implement an new onboarding process. Or amplify staff training. BUT modern talent acquisition software that integrates all the steps takes things to an entirely new level for your businsess. Combine multiple steps of the new employee journey and they have a better experience as they  join your company. And you have complete control over the processes and the data associated with each step of the journey.

These four elements of a modern talent acquisition software platform take your HR function to places you never imagined possible.

1. Recruit

Firstly, speed and quality aren’t factors naturally equated with each other. Yet they’re essential in equal measure when you compete to stand out from the crowd, attract great talent, and keep candidates sticky.

Industries with high staff churn and high velocity seasonal recruitment face unique requitment challenges. So do organizations in industies that compete for people with specific skills, education, or expeiences. Like pharmaceutical manufacturers, technology companies, and logistics firms.

One HireRoad customer, a UK-based fashion brand, grew very quickly and required constant recruiting. As the company continued to scale at pace, they recognized the need for next level recruitment solutions to meet their evolving needs.

With Recruit by HireRoad, they got the the modern applicant tracking system (ATS) software to make smooth sailing of an increasingly complex recruitment process. HR Recruit allowed them to:

  • Amplify their brand value.  With brand front and center of their job ads, the retailer differentiated themselves and attracted people that were in value alignment.
  • Automate back-breaking admin.  Recruitment software built for today’s needs steered and aligned the entire process. As a result, they recruited the best talent on the market much quickly and efficiently.
  • Streamlinine the end-to-end process. From automated assessments, self-service interview scheduling, video screening and reference collection, they established workflows that worked for them. And for the roles they sought to full. They were highly impressed with the ability to multi-post job ads to over 70 job boards at the push of a button. This simplified the process, saving valuable time and money.

    2. Onboard

    Secondly, polishing up your recruitment processes is one thing. Delivering a show-stopping onboarding experience to intrepid new hires is something else altogether. Get it wrong and you’re almost guaranteed high early drop off rates and new hire ghostings. Get it right and you have the opportunity to build a solid foundation of engagement with your new people.

    Onboard by HireRoad the second step on the ladder. It empowers you to onboard and educate new hires with speed and efficiency. In turn, this allows you to win early buy-in and expedite productivity by:

    • Fostering connections throughout your organization. Welcome new hires with personalized messages, connections to teammates, and immersion into company culture.
    • Streamlining inefficient manual processes. All the formal new starter paperwork and ‘back office’ set-up amounts to mountains of manual admin. Despite its laboriousness, it’s essential to get it right. To this end, prime onboarding software marries a more manageable workload with a supercharged candidate journey.
    • Deploying individualized onboarding pathways. Assign in-person, hybrid or virtual new hire training on a role-by-role basis, and promote collaboration via social learning. And quickly and easily provide guidance and training on how things work within your organization. Knowing where to go for things is half the battle when you’re a brand new employee!

    3. Learning & Development 

    Thirdly, couple the recent staff and skills shortages with a shift in employee expectations and priorities, and what do you get? A potentially perfect storm of open positions and empty seats.

    It’s no wonder that HR teams are doubling down on the retention and upskilling of existing employees, besides the recruitment of new ones.

    Centralize your learning resources and records as a giant first step towards understanding where you are currently, what you need from your people, and what your people need from you.

    With Learn by HireRoad, you’re more than good and ready for: 

    1. Automating course management. Ensure the right training at the right time with simple and intuitive automation features useful for mandatory renewal of certifications.  
    2. Designing individualized learning pathways. Instant access to more than 100,000 certified off-the-shelf courses. Plus the tools to create your own unique content. Now you’re equipped and ready to meet every routine or more niche training need of your growing workforce, in perfect harmony with the overall business objectives.


    4. Workforce Analytics / Insights

    Fourthly. “Every HR professional wants to be a business partner and provide value but without concrete, measurable data you can’t drive change and it’s hard to gain credibility from your senior executives. People need to see in order to believe the HR message.”

    Sylvie Sarault, Director HR, National Gallery of Canada

     You could say that workforce analytics are the jewels in the crown that unify the whole modern talent acquisition platform.

    Take the National Gallery of Canada. Its HR Director sought to enhance the overall contribution her team made to the organization. But she couldn’t ramp things up without having a comprehensive, living and breathing real-time overview of their people.   

    With PeopleInsight by HireRoad they finally rose above mere number crunching by:  

    • Generating strategic people data. Being able to amalgamate and parse data across all of their systems armed them to swiftly identify any areas for concern in real time. This enabled them to bend and flex processes to meet evolving requirements.
    • Igniting employee engagement. The immediate identification of any problem areas meant they were able to design and implement antidotes just as rapidly. As a result, inspiring greater employee buy-in and less attrition for good measure.
    • Forecasting hiring needs. Their newfound ability to combine and interpret their people data gave them the means to forecast future recruitment needs. And do so in alignment with overall business objectives, projected staff churn, skills gaps, and factors beyond their control  impacting their sector.

    At HireRoad, our ultra-modern four part talent acquisition platform is purpose designed for you to be more productive. It simultaneously makes your workforce more productive. Your people thrive and your organization thrives.

    So, get in touch if you’re excited by the idea of breathing some energy into your talent acquisition processes and workforce analytics. We’d love to show you how our talent acquisition platform opens up a whole new understanding of the people side of your business.