Want improved speed to hire without compromising retention?

“… when the top candidates are only on the market for 10 days, yet the average time to hire is between 14-30 days, you don’t have long to snare those sought-after candidates”, Gregory Lewis told LinkedIn’s Talent Blog.

It’s nothing you don’t already know that all kinds of organizations are facing global recruitment challenges. As Lewis highlights, minimizing time to hire is a key solution to avoid candidate disengagement in a post-pandemic candidate-led marketplace.

You CAN achieve competitive advantage to keep pace with your desired caliber of talent. But, in order to do so, you need to laser focus your recruiting efforts on finding the right people, and then getting them onboarded and equipped for success QUICKLY. How?

Truth bomb: You might have the will for speed to hire. But, if you’re constantly held under by volumes of routine administration across the candidate journey, you don’t have the ways and means.    

So, read on if this resonates, because accurate, efficient speed to hire transcendence is only an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) away.

How Can a Formidable ATS Help You Pick Up the Pace?

Firstly, let’s make it clear that speed to hire isn’t your sole goal. Speed is counter-productive if you don’t factor quality in to the equation, too. Otherwise, you risk replacing one set of problems with another. Speed defeats the object if it results in fast but unsuited hires disappearing before they’ve even got started. Or, you can find yourself saddled with imperfect fits you employed in haste to fill empty seats.

The speed and quality of your candidate journey can be ignited by exceptional ATS features that are purpose-designed with accuracy, alignment and speed at heart, such as –

  • Candidate filtering against pre-determined minimum criteria, CV/resumé parsing and blind shortlisting
  • External (candidate) and internal (interviewing panel and all other stakeholders) communications
  • Fast background checks and references in and out of one place
  • Time to hire reporting to track the duration of the recruitment process, enabling you to identify and address any bottlenecks holding the process up

Imagine what that means in practice; numerous hours of humdrum manual administration and headaches wiped out and freed up to throw all your energy in to an awesome candidate journey. And, at a broader level, it means –

  • Enhanced employer branding – Seamless speed to hire demonstrates to your ideal candidates that you’re the kind of efficient, decisive and credible business they want to be a part of.
  • Reduced dropout rate – Speed = Stickiness! The best talent won’t wait if your speed to hire doesn’t keep pace. They’ll accept offers from competitors while you’re still floundering further down the line.
  • Eliminated competition – Don’t give your competing employers a fighting chance. Not striking first and fast leaves the door wide open for them to gain access to great candidates ahead of you. Leverage speed to hire to ensure you secure the best people before your competitors.

What About Retaining Your Hard-Won New Hires?

Flawless talent acquisition extends beyond hiring to onboarding, and even further to continuous learning and development. So, you’re on even more of a winner if you can engage your keen new employees with learning initiatives for retention.

“Employers are getting a hard wake-up call around how competitive their offerings are—pay, benefits, flexibility”, Britt Andreatta, CEO of workplace consultancy 7th Mind Inc. told the SHRM. “Another way to be competitive is to allow for learning.”

CEO of learning tech company Epignosis Thanos Papangelis continued, “One of the benefits we offer our employees is the freedom to choose the kind of training that makes sense for their role and professional development. It can either be an online course, a workshop or a diploma. That way, we make sure we offer the training they need for their career progression and in the format that matches their learning style.”

It pays to think future forward besides here and now. That means thinking about a comprehensive talent acquisition system incorporating a leading-edge LMS (Learning Management system) under the same umbrella as your ATS.

An ATS revolutionizes your speed to hire. Similarly, an LMS is a no brainer next layer for deploying, delivering and tracking live, pre-recorded, face-to-face, remote and hybrid training for –

  • Onboarding
  • Brand, products and services
  • Compliance
  • Leadership & development
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Individual tailored learning paths

At HireRoad, we’re the talent acquisition partner of thousands of private and public organizations of all sectors and sizes across Australia, the UK and the US. Our Recruit ATS software ensures your speed to hire goes at one pace and that’s ASAP! In addition, Learn gives you phenomenal tools to keep your new hires thriving.  

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