Customized automation, ATS efficiency for the win

Have you ever counted how many emails go backward and forwards, internally and externally, to fill one single vacancy?

Quite probably not.

It’s fair to assume it’s a painstaking amount though, with too many opportunities for crucial steps to be missed and the consequent headaches resulting from human errors that are too easy to make.

A brilliant Applicant Tracking System plugs those gaps that scupper your best efforts when you’re juggling the volume admin that’s par for the course in the fast-paced recruitment marketing arena. 

Compared to manual processes or stuttering legacy systems, an inventive recruitment software transforms your communications (and admin) into a simple, seamless, automated reality.

In this blog, we’ll look at candidate impact and recruiter team impact of workflows. First, we’ll start off with candidate communications and how automation can pretty much do all your emails/SMS. We’ll then look at the back office and admin tasks that an ATS will do for you.

What Type of Communications Will Automation Take Care Of?

With candidate communications, once they hit a certain “stage or rank”, the ATS system can send out all your emails or SMS – all branded and personalised. You create the content and the platform will do the rest.

With an automation engine, you can pretty much create any workflow you want using the three “W’s”: Who, When, and What.


Here are just some examples of our most popular email/SMS communications that can be sent out in the background. 

  • Thank you for Applying. Immediate acknowledgment of receipt of application forms and time-lined information about what happens next.
  • We’re Sorry You Were Unsuccessful. Prompt courteous rejection of unsuccessful candidates, including the opportunity for them to provide feedback about any part of the recruitment process and automatically add them to your talent pool.
  • We’d love to meet you! Invitations for candidates to schedule in-person or remote interviews or assessment days on a self-service basis. Why not take a read of our blog on Self-Service Interview Scheduler?
  • It’s a Date! Automated confirmations of a candidate’s attendance at scheduled in-person or remote interviews or assessment days as soon as they’ve booked their slots.
  • We Cannot Wait To Meet You! Automated reminders in advance of a candidate’s attendance in-person or remote interviews or assessment days, including a good luck wish. Why not send via a branded SMS to really get personal with your candidate
  • Thank You! SMS one hour after the email to thank the candidate for the interview and that they will hear from you soon.

What’s Happening Back Stage?

But, what about internally? What admin bits are going on ‘back of office’ to prop up your communications and ensure your candidate journey is as seamless and effortless as possible?

  • Pre-determined access controls and user settings in your Application Tracking System to enable the relevant people to access all areas of the process they need to. In turn, preference settings also prevent people from accessing parts of the process they’re not involved with.
  • Daily Advert Reporting to recruiters, hiring managers to show new applications as well as a summary of candidates in stages/ranks.
  • Automated notifications to panel members when application forms and/or CVs are ready in your Applicant Tracking System for them to score and quantify (these can be confidential, so all data can be redacted – saving lots of time).
  • Self-service interview time-slots for the recruitment team, interviewers, and panel members to specify their availability and block out their non-availability for in-person or remote interviews or assessment days.
  • Automatic calendar synchronisation that updates internal and candidate submissions in your Application Tracking System’s calendar integration, which is Office365 with HR Recruit.
  • Automatic updating of all bookings, amendments, and cancellations in everybody’s Outlook calendars. 
  • Automated confirmations and reminders for recruitment team, interviewers, and panel members about in-person or remote interviews or assessment days.
  • Automate your manager recruitment journey to make life easier for your hiring managers.

At HireRoad, our mission is clear and simple – to help you attract and recruit the best and most befitting talent for every job vacancy accurately, professionally, quickly, and cost-effectively.

The example above is just a snapshot of the groundbreaking automation functionalities to help you exceed your recruitment objectives. It’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Why not arrange a product demonstration and we’ll walk and talk you through the benefits you can experience from requisitioning to onboarding?

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