A huge shout out to all the HR professionals out there: your profession holds 3 of the top 10 jobs most in demand in the US! And it’s not surprising given the many business shifts of the last few years. Couple that with today’s economic uncertainties and organizations start looking for ways to grow revenue and retain what they need most: PEOPLE.

That’s where you, HR professionals, truly shine. In their Jobs on the Rise 2023 report, LinkedIn identifies human resources analytics manager (#2), diversity and inclusion manager (#3), and employee experience manager (#5) as being among the fastest-growing jobs.

Why these roles are so critical, especially now

Businesses need people to drive their mission, and it’s often the largest expense a business has. With so many market unknowns, HR departments are getting savvier about how, when, and on what they spend money.

HR Analytics Manager, aka People Analytics Manager, Talent Analytics Manager

Data-driven decision making, long a focus for other departments, is becoming a norm for HR now too. With so much technology being used to automate processes and aggregate information, HR has a LOT of data. If unified and analyzed, this information provides a wealth of actionable insights to answer key questions like:

  • What recruiting channels yield the highest performing employees after several years?
  • Are there employees within the company that we can move into sales?
  • Why does location X get their new people up to speed 3x more quickly than location Y?
  • We have so many training programs; which ones should we keep and expand?

HR analytics manager is the second most in-demand role in the US right now. Why? Because answering questions like these (and dozens of others) can help a business successfully grow.

Diversity and Inclusion Manager

A big set of questions HR analytics can help answer are related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Questions like:

  • Why is turnover so high among women?
  • What can we do to retain a diverse workforce?
  • How do drivers of employee retention vary across segments of our workforce such as age, gender, race or another segment

Insights from the answers to these questions can be utilized to drive strategy and implement policies to foster diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives within the business. This is often the responsibility of the third fastest-growing job in the US, Diversity and Inclusion Manager. Research from Great Places to work shows that diverse and inclusive workplaces often have higher revenue growth, greater readiness to innovate, 5.4 times higher employee retention, and greater success recruiting a diverse talent pool. So, the benefits continue to grow.

Employee Experience Manager

Hiring a diverse workforce comprised of people aligned to your values and mission is critical, especially when resources may be constrained, and revenue growth is imperative. And once those people are hired, onboarded, and trained, how do you keep them engaged? That’s the focus of the fifth fastest-growing role in the US: Employee Experience Manager.

With insights about key questions such as:

  • How do drivers of employee engagement differ across segments of the workforce based on things like age, race, gender, location, or even hiring resource or channel?
  • What are the best actions to take to better manage employees working remotely?
  • What results from our employee engagement survey do we need to focus on improving because they are the ones that will move the needle on results?
  • What are the characteristics of managers with the highest employee loyalty?

Employee Experience Managers can implement and manage processes to support engagement and development and even employee well-being. These processes may include mentoring initiatives, training programs, formalized onboarding programs, and more.

Here at HireRoad, we’re familiar with each of these roles – we work with talented people doing these jobs every day! And we’ve learned a lot about how technology can help HR professionals in these roles and others build successful teams, faster.

So, get in touch if you feel like you need help answering any of these questions or others that can drive your top initiatives. We can help!