People Analytics Dashboards for People Leaders

Discover the transformative potential of people analytics in our comprehensive eBook, where we delve into the five key hr analytics dashboards that are revolutionizing HR practices. From nurturing a diverse workplace to enhancing turnover management, these dashboards offer real-time, data-driven insights to tackle the challenges faced in the modern HR landscape.

  1. Monthly Summary Dashboard: Executives receive a quick snapshot of key HR metrics, providing visibility into strategy alignment and program performance. With unified and visualized information in one place, this hr analytics dashboard empowers data-driven decision-making for HR and executives.

  1. Executive Scorecard: Make an impact with your people programs and understand the tangible results with this hr analytics dashboard. With all vital data in one place, identify the metrics that truly matter to your organization.

  1. Diversity Dashboard: Propel your DEI initiatives to a new level of effectiveness. Get a comprehensive view of your organization’s diversity landscape, track the progress of DEI programs, and formulate strategic plans for an inclusive culture .

  1. Candidate Pipeline Dashboard: Take the guesswork out of hiring. Candidate Pipeline Analytics provide invaluable insights into your recruitment process, helping you attract high-quality candidates and identify bottlenecks.

  1. Turnover Treemap: Address employee turnover with precision. The Turnover Treemap lets HR teams rapidly identify turnover hotspots and formulate strategies to improve retention rates.

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