Hybrid Hiring – a guide to the next generation of applicant tracking systems

Recruitment technology isn’t what it used to be. A new generation of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS’) is giving recruiters the power to do far more than just track their candidates.

They’re automating and branding the entire recruitment cycle and much, much more.

This step-by-step guide and checklist give you the latest advice so that you choose the best Applicant Tracking System to achieve your next-level recruitment goals.

Recruitment Automation: Create automated workflows throughout your entire recruitment cycle. So no more repetitive and high-volume tasks such as silo candidate communications, interview scheduling, skills based testing, Situational Judgement Tests as well as DBS and Reference checks.

Web Recruitment: Forgot leaning on web developers, IT, or marketing, your next ATS provider should offer superior careers sites that not only integrate directly into the ATS but give you the management and control to update your site instantly when you want.

Remote Recruitment: Inbuilt Video Screening, Multi-Posting, Calendar Integration, DBS Checks, SJTs, Duplicate Candidate Checker, Interview Schedule, and Onboarding, so there is nothing holding you back from hiring new talent, fast.

Recruitment Analytics: Temperature checks your performance and Diversity & Inclusion KPI’s with data and insights that help you make more intelligence-based decisions.

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