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With recruiting changing constantly, HR professionals need systems that can adapt as fast. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce Recruit by HireRoad, the modern Applicant Tracking System built to meet Australia and New Zealand’s recruiting needs.

 Knowledge fuels power to adapt. Are your recruiting and talent acquisition processes and systems meeting today’s needs? Not sure? HireRoad has put together this helpful assessment to help you understand you current candidate experience.

Start Your Benchmark Assessment

Simplify and automate recruiting with modern talent acquisition software.

Technology can (and should) automate steps in your recruiting and onboarding process, but only people can convey their human potential. Quickly find and connect with candidates that fit.

Maximize Your Reach:

With automated workflows that attract candidates where they are and gets the right people in front of hiring managers.

Engage People Who Fit:

With a unified, branded experience at every step – from career page, to video screening, to employment contract.

Accelerate the Process:

With robust self-service capabilities that adapt to market changes, speed time to hire, and give candidates a sense of control.

Ensure All Thrive:

With real-time data and analytics so you can run your people business smartly and your business with smart people.

Your company’s hiring process sets the tone. Automate as much as possible and make a great first impression.

Automate communications after every step in the candidate journey so they know where they stand.
Make it easier for people to participate in the process by allowing them to schedule interviews at their convenience.
Provide them a sense for your organization’s culture and brand by clearly communicating your employer value proposition at every step.
Allow candidates to provide more thoughtful answers than they might in a time-bound phone screen with recorded video snippets to answer questions.

Download your free copy of the Organizational Self-Assessment on Improving the Candidate Experience with Automated Talent Acquisition today!

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