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HR Tech Award Winner

                               HR Tech Awards badge for Talent Analytics;Best Analytics, Measurement, and Business Impact Solution 2023

How do you find the right HR technology partner for your organization’s talent analytics needs?  First, look for the leaders blazing new trails. Second, look for a solution that is implemented quickly. Third, look for the Talent Analytics Award Winner! Ideally, one who understands what’s needed for business impact.

Talent acquisition and insights platform provider HireRoad recently joined the top 1% of vendors in the industry. We’ve received an HR Tech Award for 2023! For what?! Well, HR Tech has selected HireRoad as a:

2023 Talent Analytics winner for 
Best Analytics, Measurement, and Business Impact Solution

While we are thrilled with the award, we are equally thrilled by what judge and chief research officer Ben Eubanks had to say:

The People function is one of the most data-intensive areas in the business. But many employers don’t have good insights into what’s happening. HireRoad is enabling more proactive and strategic talent decisions by surfacing insights that employers need to know, giving talent leaders a chance to support the organization on a deeper and more meaningful level.

Ben Eubanks is the chief research officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory. So he sees a lot of HR technology. He also understands what’s impacting the industry.

Not only is HR becoming increasingly strategic, it is also generating valuable information from lots of systems. Want to understand your most important asset—your people—on both a deeper, and more meaningful level? Unify the information and serve it up with interactive, insightful data visualizations. We can help. And with a solution that drives business impact.

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Talent Analytics Winner HireRoad

HireRoad is an end-to-end talent acquisition and insights platform. Our mission is to redefine the hiring journey for employer and employee alike. Developed by veteran industry experts, HireRoad’s data-driven platform enables organizations to turn promising prospects into major contributors. HireRoad helps you attract, hire, onboard, and train people who fit your business. Tailored for midsize plus organizations, HireRoad enables companies to build smarter organizations. And then scale them.