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Modern Recruiting Software


Automate your hiring processes with the Applicant Tracking System that configures to your business needs and preferred recruitment workflow.

With HR Recruit, attract and engage people on multiple job sites with a single click, centralize hiring information, automate your internal recruiting processes, and track the success of your recruitment campaigns. All so you can find and bring the right people into your organization quickly.

The software makes the whole recruitment process much quicker and smoother both for us and for our potential hires.

David Smith, Talent Acquisition Lead, Missguided


Client Case Study

Fastest-growing retailer with powerful brand streamlines their digital recruitment.

Moving to a standardized approach to recruitment ensures brand consistency and powerful candidate experience.

A superior candidate experience

Attract the people who best fit your needs, by putting your best foot forward even before recruiting.

Easy to complete forms should require candidates to input data once. And the entire experience should reflect your brand so that people who you are, what you do, and whether you’re a fit for them. This is just as important as understanding if they’re a fit for you.

HR Recruit makes this easy with robust capabilities, so career sites, candidate forms, and communications maintain your branding and represent who you are.

Technology that simplifies hiring

HR Recruit streamlines manual tasks that make finding great people time consuming. Configure automated workflows across the entire hiring process. Automatically email candidates when they apply, filter applications based on various criteria, and send reminder alerts to keep the process flowing.

Create inspiring job descriptions in minutes and align keywords to elevate your roles at the top of any job search engine using the power of SEO.

For hiring managers and recruiters, getting to know people interested in your organization takes time. Features and tools like assessments, questions, and tests allow you quickly to know the people interested in working with you.

Automatically shortlist candidates based on their screening, tests, or assessment results. With HR Recruit, you can even rank candidates and automate email or SMS communications for advancing the process.


‘Meet’ people where they are

Meet people virtually with HR Recruit’s video screening. Candidates can record answers to prompted questions and submit their recorded responses via video so enabling you to visualize that candidate in your workplace and save time scheduling phone interviews.

All in a secure platform

While developing software that helps you find the right people for your business is our priority, security and compliance come first.