Data-Driven Succession Planning

Future-Proof your Workforce

Ensure your organization has the talent in place to achieve its strategic goals. HireRoad empowers your HR team with insights to identify future leaders, optimize talent development, and proactively reduce succession gaps.

Get a holistic view of your succession plan

Integrate your succession data (e.g., named successors, successor readiness, flight risks) with your other HR data, such as turnover rates, engagement, and learning & development. Get the complete picture of your workforce, or drill down by team or individual employee to fine-tune your succession plan.

Proactively reduce succession risks

Use data to identify, action, and reduce succession gaps and risks to your business. Track progress to ensure that your successors are engaged and thriving.

Customize your succession analysis

Tailor your succession planning dashboards in PeopleInsight to focus on the key signals and metrics that matter most to your business. Take focused actions to improve engagement, drive skill development, or prevent turnover to develop future leaders effectively.

Identify succession gaps

Spot the gaps in your succession plans, where you’re lacking a successor for critical roles. Quickly identify talent availability and readiness to inform your plan of action.

Take action and measure progress

Build development plans for successors to ensure readiness and engagement. Use data to track employee development and progress against your plan.

Get guidance from the experts

Our team of analysts can share best practices for building and customizing succession planning dashboards, and ensure you have what you need to build and measure a strategic plan.

Harness the Power of HR Data Insights

Expedite your journey into people analytics, with a risk-free and user-friendly experience.

Let us store and administer your data, reducing the technical requirements and need for internal resource investments.

Get ongoing analyst support to help evolve your people analytics strategy effectively and efficiently.

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