Designed for savvy, strategic organizations to leverage their people data

Gain insights Lose hassles

Make better business decisions, faster, with actionable analytics. And unburden your HR teams from tedious report building and maintenance.  

PeopleInsight by HireRoad is your single source for unified people data across your HR technology.

Modern people reporting & analytics software

Aggregate data from multiple systems

Unify and merge the data

Report and analyze on unified data

Gain insights, make data-driven decisions

PeopleInsight by HireRoad integrates and unifies data from your ATS, LMS, HRIS and a wide variety of HR and Talent systems. You gain beautiful data visualizations that tell a compelling story. And evolve as your business does. 

Built by experts. Trusted by savvy, strategic people professionals.

Smart teams love PeopleInsight by HireRoad

“HR is the last bastion to be transformed with data…but most companies don’t have the resources to build a reporting suite from scratch. That’s what’s so great about (PeopleInsight by) HireRoad…for a fraction of the cost and setup time we can go from zero to sixty on people analytics. My team gets immediate relief on the reporting side and we can start answering bigger questions about the business.”

Shane Noe
VP of People Operations, ClickUp

You can improve what you can measure

Harness the insights in your HR systems’ data

There is a wealth of information about your workforce hidden within the data generated from your various HR systems. Yet until it is aggregated, unified, and crisply visualized, it’s just random information.

And while it sounds simple, normalizing data from a multitude of systems and presenting it so that it yields valuable, actionable insights takes powerful software and HR data expertise.

Out-of-the-box people analytics

PeopleInsight by HireRoad Deluxe delivers best practice workforce analytics with key metrics built in. Couple that with the flexibility to personalize your dashboards to meet your specific goals and you have powerful analytics aligned to your business goals at your fingertips.

Ongoing expert insights

Our team of experts offer a unique combination of technical skills and business knowledge. We work with you on an ongoing basis to deliver reports and analytics that address your most pressing business challenges. And because these evolve, so do your dashboards.

One week to actionable insights 

Once we have access to relevant data—and rest assured, our data security is top-notch—your dashboards will be up and running in one week.


A single source of truth for your people data

Aggregate and unify data

Systems such as your HRIS, ATS, LMS, onboarding, payroll and more streamline many of your team’s processes. Yet if they don’t connect to each other, you’re left with separate reports and metrics, making it hard to see a wholistic picture of what’s happening. That’s where spreadsheets often come in,  but that’s not scalable. Or fun.

HR Insights Deluxe aggregates and unifies data from as many systems as you want to include. And while HireRoad has a Talent Acquisition Platform, we’re system agnostic: you can connect data from systems you’re already using, Bonus: you can easily change your systems with minimal impact to unified analytics!

We make it easy to answer the key questions keeping you up at night: what’s my quality of hire? What’s my time to hire? By recruiter? By functional area? Are we attracting the right talent? Can we upskill our current workforce? Will my executive team ever run out questions we currently struggle to answer?! And many more.

Data that tells a story

Executives likely won’t run out of questions!

However, in addition to arming you with answers, PeopleInsight by HireRoad Deluxe equips you with beautiful data visualizations that tell a story. Imagine presenting your HR data and metrics through interactive visuals where you can drill down into any attribute and show the data. Even data-averse colleagues don’t tune out. Instead, they lean forward, think, and decipher the story and embedded meaning. It begs the questions why, how come, and what to do about it, triggering conversation, decision-making and action.

And as a result, better performance.

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